Thursday, October 5, 2023

Spring temperature readings are coming – there could even be snow in the house


It will rain in Finland on Tuesday.

Forka’s on-duty meteorologist Joanna Rinne says temperatures will drop sharply from Tuesday and snow and sleet could also occur in northern Lapland on Wednesday.

The change is drastic, as temperatures softened in Finland on Monday and new spring temperature records were broken again. According to Fourca, 24.7 degrees were measured at the Yiliwiska Airport Observation Station on Monday. In Lapland it also reached above 20 degrees.

However, the weather will turn cooler on Tuesday as it will rain across the country. Clouds will also increase by lunchtime.

However, on Tuesday, the rains are scattered and there will be no break in rains.

The first rains reach the southwestern part of the country early in the morning. From there, they slowly start moving forward all the time. They come to the capital region around 11-12 in the morning.

Due to rain in the southern and south-western parts of the country, the temperature may drop below 15 degrees.

– In general, the southern part of the country will be coldest tomorrow due to rain.

Where it does not rain, the temperature still remains between 15 and 23 degrees. According to Foreca, the region stretching from the eastern part of the country to northern Ostrobothnia will probably have the most sunshine in the afternoon. Lapland can also be sunny.

In cloudy areas, the temperature remains 15-20 degrees.

According to Rinne, the rain showers will reach the west coast around noon on Tuesday. It will rain all day.

According to the forecast, Wednesday is the rainiest day of the week. According to Rinne, it will rain intermittently throughout the day.

Whereas, the coolness spreads more widely across the country. According to Forca, strong winds are blowing at a speed of 14-20 meters per second in the southern and central parts of the country.

The day temperature remains practically in the range of 10 to 15 degrees throughout the country. In Kassiveren Lapland, it can even stay below 5 degrees. There is some variation within Finland.

Precipitation amounts in Finland are widely around 0–15 mm, in northern and central Lapland they can range from 5–30 mm.

If there is more than 20 ml of water in a day, it is already classified as heavy rainfall. So, at least some areas in Finland may meet the definition of heavy rain.

During the night before Thursday, some rain could fall in the form of snow or sleet across northern Lapland. Rinne says that however, the ice does not stay on the ground.

On the other hand, in the south, the night before Thursday, the weather is already starting to turn bad. Elsewhere, it will be relatively cloudy and rain on Thursday.

Although the rain is slowly starting to subside, at least in the south, Thursday will be the coldest of the days ahead, according to Rinne.

In the south and east, the temperature remains around 10-13 degrees Celsius, but day temperatures also remain below 10 degrees Celsius almost throughout the country.

In Lapland, rain can still come in the form of snow and sleet.

The cold will subside on Friday and there will be a gradual increase in the temperature.

On Friday, it will be at least more than 10 degrees across the country. It is over 15 degrees in most of Finland. However, you probably won’t reach 20 degrees.

According to Rinne, the weather will get warmer each day from Friday through the weekend.

Over the weekend, southern Finland will likely reach over 20 degrees. In the rest of Finland the temperature is around 15-20 degrees. On Sunday, also in Lapland, it could reach over 20 degrees in some places.

Next week, good picnic weather may already await Finland, if current forecasts hold true.

According to Rinne, as the forecast currently looks like, the first half of next week could see at least part of Finland see its first warm days this year.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, you can talk about summer in Finland when the highest day temperature exceeds 25 degrees.

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