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Sweden captain saves Marco Antilla from a horrific crash – “No, no!”


Jakob Silfverberg served as Marco Antilla’s guard when Legion and Trey Kronor met at the Nokia Arena.

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Lions’ Marco Antilla met with a horrific accident midway through Sweden’s match on the ice at the Nokia Arena.

Antilla, 37, and Sweden captain Jakob Silfverberg, 32, had settled things before the penalty shootout in front of the officials’ box and started drifting towards their own substitutions box when Zamboni cleared the ice. , which rolled dangerously in front. Captain.

Morco continued his conversation with Trey Croner’s captain, while still skating away from the spot, and did not see the snow machine coming from shore. Only Silfverberg’s warning words saved Antilla from crashing.

Antilla was startled by Silverberg’s words and stopped his movement just before the crash.

– He said no, don’t go, don’t go! Thanks for that, Antilla said after the match.

– It was something like coming from behind a tree, Antila sighed.

Antilla was less comfortable with the referee in Monday’s match than in the shootout that preceded the penalty shootout.

The referee awarded a two-minute penalty to Antilla in the second period for a tackle on the wing. Viewers at home disagreed with the decision – and so did Antilla. He took a long bite of the punishment he got.

– Maybe I read it wrong, but I think the Swedish player played it in a weird way. He knew I was going to get tackled, Antilla said after the match.

– I could do absolutely nothing about it. Of course, the judges decide, and that was it this time, but I don’t think I did anything wrong.

Marco Antilla was suspended for this address.

Marco Antilla was suspended for this address. Photo: Tony Repo/Amulehti

Legionnaires overcame the understrength, but after Antilla’s penalty, the lead briefly passed to Sweden. Prior to this, Lizonette had dominated field events to her heart’s content.

Four minutes after Antilla’s penalty, Sweden tied the game at the end of their period of possession.

– So it goes, strengths and weaknesses are important in terms of speed. Fortunately today our discipline has improved a lot, said Antila.

The Lions have now lost to their two main opponents in Group A, the USA and Sweden. However, Antilla was satisfied with Monday’s performance.

– We think we’ve improved. It was our best game of the tournament. As it should be, we improve all the time. Of course, losing to Sweden is always disappointing, Antilla said.

Disability is a problem. Medicines must be found for him, said the lion captain.

Sweden head coach Sam Hallam made some exciting statements before the match. For example, he said that Legion “doesn’t have a passing game”.

Antilla had not heard Hallam’s comments beforehand, but after the match he did not sign up to coach Trey Kronor’s views.

– Yeah, I think there were some really good passes, admitted Antilla.

– Maybe instead the shots could have been better, we would have scored a few goals.

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