Saturday, September 23, 2023

Sweden’s head coach eats his words – angering reporters


Sam Hallam lavishes praise on Jukka Jallonen’s Legion.


The new head coach of the Swedish national team, Sam Hallam, has quickly made a name for himself in Finland as well.

With the World Cup tournament only in its first week, Hallam has already had time to question the durability of the Nokia Arena’s ice and accuse Legion of a non-existent passing game.

Monday’s classic fight included critical words. Finland still did not get their first win in World Cup home games against Sweden in history, when Lucas Raymond set up Tre Kronor for the winning goal in a 2–1 win.

After the game, Hallam’s comments were still modest.

– For 60 minutes, I think Finland was the better team on the ice. Hallam said they found ways to build the game from the bottom up and put a lot of pressure on us in the end.

– On the other hand, we defended our goal line very well, and they really didn’t have a better attack.

A solid goal-scoring game has been a cornerstone of Jukka Jalonen’s Lions, and Hallam’s Tre Kronor was also focused on it.

Does Hallam find similarities between his own team and the Jalos and their teams?

– We both respect the fact that in order to win in hockey, you need to know how to defend, expressed the Swedish coach.

I am satisfied with how we succeeded in this today. Now we have a few days off from sports, which we can use for recovery and video work. So hopefully we will be a better team at the end of the week.

When Hallam was asked about his previous speeches, he said that a great deal of comments had been left in the way.

– Your media, you know how it works, laughed Hallam.

– Took half of what I said. I also said in the same interview that Finland is a great team with many great and experienced players. well trained. And he is the current world champion,” Hallam pointed out.

What about the snow in the arena, how did it hold up on Monday?

– are you asking me?

– It felt good, it felt good, said Hallam after his little surprise.

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