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The Finns’ behavior made Swedish wisdom experts rip their pants off: “Shame, put your ass down”


In Aftonbladet’s Schlagerkoll podcast, people bemoaned the decision of Finlanders not to give points to Sweden.

Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest because the European professional councils liked Lorraine’s song tattoo. It received a perfect 12 from a total of 15 councils, including the Finnish council.

Europeans disagreed. This gave Loren the second highest number of phone votes, but the Swedish star did not receive full marks from any country.

Once again the Finns left Lorraine without a point. On the other hand, Suomen Karija got a treasure chest of 12 points from the Swedish voters.

At least Aftonbladet’s knowledge experts Markus Larsson and Tobe Ek are said to be furious over the matter.

They express their dismay in the magazine’s Schlagerkol podcast, whose episode discussing the show’s results is provocatively titled Sorry Not Sorry, Finland.

First, presenter Jenny Agren presents the theory that there would have been an active campaign in Finland against voting for Sweden. Finnish wisdom commentator Mikko Silvanoinen also had a part in this.

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Silvenoinen denied the allegations. Larsen doesn’t believe a single one of the claims. Coincidentally, Sweden’s victory also fueled conspiracy theories that the Games were moved to the western neighbor because next year would be the 50th anniversary of ABBA’s victory.

The rapper got a 12 point jackpot from Swedish voters.

The rapper got a 12 point jackpot from Swedish voters. Photo: Vesa Moilainen / Lehtikuva

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One offers his own opinion on the voting behavior of Finns:

– The reason for this is the envy of the Finns to Sweden, they say.


The reason for this is the jealousy of the Finns to Sweden.

– In Finland it was believed that ten songs were better than Lorin. it’s embarrassing!

Markus Larsen also joined the conversation.

– Someone from Germany gets points, but not Sweden.

The performance by German band Lord of the Lost Blood and Glitter was the last of the entire show. It collected only 18 points, including five from Finland.

Aftonbladet's knowledge expert Tobe Ek.

Aftonbladet’s knowledge expert Tobe Ek. Photo: Aftonbladet

Fury grows in the studio as the guests taste the result.

Marcus may be laughing, but I’m sorry. I’ve gone mad, Tobe roars.

– Stupid people, calls Larsen Finns.

It is said that if the telephone voters had bypassed Lorraine in bulk, the apparent injury would have been even less severe.

– But when Finland was the only country that didn’t give us any points. Finland: Shame! With that thought, it was right that you didn’t live, he shouted.

Larson continues:

– It is not forbidden not to give points to Sweden, because it will weaken Karija’s chances, but still… what the hell? Sweden gave full points to Finland, even though it was at a disadvantage to Lorraine. I didn’t get. I agree with Tobe.

He also blasts at his own characterization of Karija’s style, calling it a “barely partyable salad bowl”, and seals his fiery speech with a low-key salutation to the Finns:

– Fuck them, fuck them.

European professional councils adore Lorraine's song tattoo.

European professional councils adore Lorraine’s song tattoo. Photo: Andy Von Pipp / Zuma / MVPhotos

The discussion continues with a defense of Lorraine’s position.

For example, Tobbe agrees with a view expressed in Expressen magazine that the public sometimes gets it wrong even in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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The council has done the right thing. He saved the win for Lorraine. His song is the biggest hit.

According to Eki’s logic, Lauren’s victory was also justified because the song has been listened to the most of all Eurovision contestants.

– It has streamed over 58 million. There are no two words here.

So it’s no surprise that knowledge experts are sticking tooth and nail to the current arrangement, based on which the professional jury’s votes account for 50 percent of the weight of the final result.

– Under no circumstances should you drop the rod. The behavior of the Finns is proof of this. People do not understand quality, a tired one continues his rebuke.

The people shouldn’t be allowed to decide the winner either, in Larsen’s opinion.

– If the rads are discarded, you will get the knowledge you deserve. it’s not to look down on people but yeah [raadeista luopuminen] Will completely change the race to North West. It will make us rethink what kind of songs we send.

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