Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Lions’ golden hero tells Yael about the scream he heard – Karija’s defeat to Lorin in the background: “It’s gonna be better”.


Ville Pokka is responsible for the music in the Lions’ dressing room.

Karija’s bitter defeat to Laurens in the Eurovision Song Contest is still on the agenda when Finland and Sweden face each other in an Ice Hockey World Cup match in Tampere on Monday.

Vantaa’s green-sleeved cha cha cha talent was a sensation among the audience, but the judges’ votes fell on Lorraine from Sweden.

Defender Ville Pokka, who serves as the Legionnaires’ locker room DJ, has already played Karija in the Legionnaires’ booth.

– Yesterday, when the tie was decided, I heard an exclamation that “it would be better to win on Monday and pay in the pot”, attacker Hannes Björninen told Yale.

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The rapper took second place at Eurovision.

The rapper took second place at Eurovision. Photo: Alexey Jalava

Cha Cha Cha has also played frequently at the Tampere Arena throughout the Games. It can be assumed that the song will be heard on Monday as well. And if the Lions win, it will play in Finland’s booth.

– Yes, we could play it in the booth in honor of the victory, Harry Pesson on the other hand, smiling.

Karija, or Jere Poho, has a long hockey background of his own. He eg. In the Kikko-Vantaa and East Helsinki Kikko teams.

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