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Will Vermo’s spell break? Savolai horse’s spectacular comeback race promises good things


Hissun Fenix ​​is ​​a tough piece to beat on Wednesday.

Will he tell the truth for the third time?

That’s what Timo Vaisanen, a neighbor of Veerme’s, hopes for on Wednesday. He will then make his third race trip with Hissu Fenix ​​several hundred kilometers away from Vermo.

Nothing remains to tell the children about the two’s past travels. In the light horse’s competition book both times he went off only the letters were drawn, i.e. a note of disqualification.

In September 2020, the Hishun Fenix ​​was disqualified for a long gallop race at Vermo, where it sprung a lap before being eliminated in the middle of its run.

Savoilaishvonen’s second attempt to conquer the country’s main track the following summer ended just as tragically.

Hissun Feniks overtook the top pack along the way and again at the start of the finish line, when he was again on his way to victory.

Even now, Vaison had to bow his head and tie the horse to the cart and start the zero-euro rich in the darkness of the night.

Hissun Fenix's previous vermo competitions have had a downfall.

Hissun Fenix’s previous vermo competitions have had a downfall. Photo: Terhi Pispa-Hellstein /

The wounds have been licked in Ylä-Savo, and from there on Wednesday a hungry team will again reach the capital.

Good starting points for success. After a ten-month long competition break, Hisson Fenix ​​has been performing well.

A few weeks ago at Kuopio, the strong horse rode his tail to victory over a mile. The instructor was particularly pleased with the rhythmic steps of his protégé.

– The Hsun Fenix’s move was better than ever, Vaisonen explains.

Vaissonen’s spectacular win did not come out of the box, even though it had been a long time since the horse’s last race.

– It had trained well before the start.

Hisun Fenix’s long break was not part of the plans. It was because of a dream.

– Last July, the horse suffered a tendon injury during Koustinen’s race trip. Its leg sprained because it stepped badly on the loading dock, Vaison says.

At first the coach could not believe such a long break.

– Hisun Fenix’s leg started to heal slowly. Luckily, it started getting better after that.

Vaisanen did not take his horse back to Kavior in the winter. They decided to make the most of the good training conditions with heavy snow.

– The stallion was properly trained all winter, and we are looking forward to the summer season to start competing, he says.

Although Hisn Fenix ​​hasn’t scored in his last five starts, the risk of jumping is still there, according to the coach.

– I hope the horse will not be under too much pressure and will not gallop. At the start of Kuopio, it had a starting position in the back row, which in that sense was a good thing at the start of the season.

– In Vermo, the stallion starts on the front line among others, which is why it may run the risk of some kind of galloping after a long break, Vaissonen suspects.

If Hisun Fenix ​​stays in his skin and has the grit to go all the way, Vaisanen is hopeful.

– If it succeeds, it should be able to withstand Vermonk’s debut, even if the opponents are good.

The Hisun Turbo, which also competes in the Vermo, is a tough companion to the Hisun Fenix.

The Hisun Turbo, which also competes in the Vermo, is a tough companion to the Hisun Fenix. Photo: Kaisa Stangard /

Vaisanen doesn’t come to Vermo with just one horse. Hisson Turbo, who resides in the same stable as the 9-year-old Hisson Fenix, is on tour.

The coach of the teammate who is one year older is Timo Vaissonen’s father Mikko. Timo is the caretaker of Hissun Turbo, who constantly competes in the Toughest Finnish Horse Series.

On Wednesday, both “Hissu residents” will be directed by Tuomas Pakkanen, a professional from Silinjärvi.

Väisäs does not have the same high hopes for Turbo as it does for Fenix, even though at the end of the year it seeded the top horses in Vermo’s Toto75 debut.

– Hisense Turbo hasn’t been at its best in its previous starts. It sometimes took a spring break and during that time it felt better again, but Kajani’s run after the break last Friday left some question marks.

Although the horse in Kajani was very good, but in the end its gait became weak. It could also be that the gelding at the finish line was already slightly lactic acid. Vaissonen believes that if the gelding was at its best, it could get pretty close to the top.

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