Friday, June 2, 2023

20 percent of the electric car’s operating distance was lost during the night


Angry customers have filed a class action lawsuit against Tesla.

Automatic software updates that reduce the range of Tesla’s Model S and X models have sparked a class action lawsuit in the United States, according to news agency Reuters.

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According to customers who went to court, Tesla’s recent software update reduced the maximum range of the cars by twenty percent.

Updates also started automatically and for example at night, without affecting the consumer case.

Tesla owners and users are typically at the mercy of their carmaker. Steve Berman, an attorney representing the customers, told Reuters the software updates are triggered when the vehicle is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

According to the lawsuit, some customers who were affected by the update paid hundreds of dollars to third parties for software update cancellation procedures.

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Tesla has run into trouble in the past because of similar cases.

For example, in July 2021, the company paid a total of $1.9 million in compensation due to an upgrade that lowered the maximum voltage of the driving battery of 1,743 Model S models.

At that point, the Model S equipped with an 85 kWh battery lost 20–50 km of range.

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Tesla has denied the latest allegations, but will not comment further on the matter at this stage.

Updates that retroactively reduced the driving battery capacity have been made for various technical reasons.

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