Sunday, December 10, 2023

A bright forecast has been issued: heatwave in Finland to last for weeks


Summer may arrive in Finland as early as next week, and there is no end in sight to the heat.

According to the current forecast, it looks like summer will arrive in Finland next week, says Tukka Kärenen, meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The southern or central part of the country could also exceed the heat threshold by the middle of next week at the latest, according to Kernan’s estimate.

This possibility is increasing day by day. I would consider it quite likely that at some point next week, somewhere in Finland, the heat limit will be exceeded. It looks like we can already be talking about summer weather when we look at next week, Kerenan says.

In Finland, we can talk about summer when the highest day temperature exceeds 25.1 °C.

The heat limit could be reached as early as next Monday, as Kernan forecasts it will be possible to reach 24 degrees in some parts of the country. According to Kernan’s estimates, the region of Ostrobothnia would probably have been warmest at that time.

The European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts ECMWF published a new monthly forecast on Monday. Forka says that, according to the forecast, Finland will be bright “reddish-orange” next week, i.e. markedly warmer than normal for the time.

According to Forken meteorologist Christian Roini, even after this the weather is not getting colder.

There’s a good chance that the hot weather will continue for several weeks, Roen says.

According to the monthly forecast, the amount of rain next week is likely to be less. The average temperature for the week is five notches above the countrywide average.

Forka says that according to long-term weather data, the average highest temperature in Finland in mid-May is 14–16 °C mostly in the southern part of the country, 12–16 °C in the central part of the country and 8 °C widely. . -14° in the north, 4-10° in northern Lapland.

As per the forecast, the weather will be warmer than normal in the week starting May 29 as well. The rain also seems to be reducing.

The first week of June is also looking warmer than average in at least some parts of the country.

Before we get to enjoy the heat, we will have to face rain and cold weather for some time this week.

IS had earlier told how rain arrived in Finland on Tuesday. According to the forecast, Wednesday is the rainiest day of the week and rains will continue on Thursday as well. In northern Lapland, rain can also come in the form of snow or sleet.

According to Forka, the weather will be cooler in Finland on Thursday. Day temperatures are around 10 degrees in many places, down to 10 degrees in Lapland.

However, according to Kernan, the rains will start reducing during Thursday and the weather will turn warm on Friday.

In the south it could reach 20 degrees on Friday. More widely, however, up to the height of Oulu, temperatures remain around 15–20 degrees. In a large part of Lapland, the temperature remains between 10 and 15 degrees.

There will be an increase in the temperature on Saturday and Sunday and according to Kernan’s estimate it will be around 20 degrees.

– The temperature in the south can be 23 degrees. Otherwise, widely between 18 and 23 degrees. It can also stay below 15 degrees in northern Lapland.

Sunday will be similar to Saturday with a temperature of 24 degrees in the south.

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