Friday, June 2, 2023

A man from Oulu duped himself out of huge sponsorship income at a junior tournament – he also took advantage of Oulu’s Karpi


The youth confessed to his crime in the Oulu district court.

A middle-aged man from Oulu was convicted of fraud and attempted fraud in the district court.

For example, the man posed as a representative of Oulu Carpi and tried to cheat himself out of considerable sponsorship income, but the SM League club managed to deal with the intentions in time. The criminal benefit sought at that time would have been in excess of 16,000 euros.

On the other hand, in 2020, the man was organizing an unfounded junior football tournament of more than 200 teams in the Oulu region and had managed to earn sponsorship income of several thousand euros before the fraud was discovered.

The man was charged with a total of six separate counts of fraud and gross fraud connected to Kärpp. In court, the man admitted that all the allegations were true. The crimes took place between 2017 and 2020.

Last Friday, the Oulu district court sentenced the man to an eight-month suspended prison sentence. In addition, he must pay various compensations totaling not less than 14,000 euros.

The decision is not binding.

It appears from district court documents that the Oulu man did indeed do much to obtain money for himself through crimes. For the junior soccer tournament, the man created his own website and agreed with the city of Oulu to rent soccer fields, even though he was not actually hosting the tournament any time soon. He managed to get up to 3,000 Euros from the same company.

In Carpi’s case, the person illegally appeared in the name of the club’s background company and sent concrete cooperation offers to several companies. The man’s attempts to defraud came to light when one of the companies that received the offer became suspicious of fraud.

The person defrauded different people, among other things, by falsely offering personal trainer services. To hide his non-payment status and weak ability to pay, the man pretended to rent an apartment with an acquaintance’s personal and income information and eventually owed around 3,700 euros.

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