Tuesday, October 3, 2023

A special sight at the Nokia Arena – this is how Stefan stood out from the crowd among hundreds of Finns


An interesting sight was seen in the stands of Nokia Arena.

A sold-out Nokia Arena saw a tough fight between Finland and Sweden on Monday. The Ice Hockey World Cup match eventually ended 2–1 in favor of Sweden.

It was a special matter of celebration for Swede Stefan Stigborg, who ended up in international TV pictures for a special reason. He was the lone Swede sitting in his yellow shirt in the middle of a sea of ​​Finnish fans.

Stigborg sat in the stand reserved by the Finnish company, which brought hundreds of corporate guests to the game among fans dressed in Finnish colours. Stigborg told Aftonbladet that the experience was really cool.

– I’m here on a business trip. We are here at the fair, which coincides with the World Cup. Stigborg said he has invited more than 800 of his customers here.

Being in the middle of a group of Finns was not too difficult for Stephanie.

Being in the middle of a group of Finns was not too difficult for Stephanie. Photo: Seppo Karki / IS

In other words, Stigborg ended up in exactly the right place. He could decide for himself whether to wear the Swedish shirt or not. The solution was not regret.

Although Stigborg was among hundreds of Finns, he wasn’t really in any of the hot ultra-viewing sections. At a leisurely World Cup carnival, everything went off in good spirits.

– I definitely became a fan when Sweden scored. Everyone was really friendly and nice. Everyone who came to talk was very positive. It feels great when I walk here as the only “yellow” among them.

The yellow shirt belongs to Stigborg’s cancer-stricken friend. Stigborg wanted to wear the shirt to support and honor his friend.

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