Tuesday, October 3, 2023

A test from Finnair: in the future, such bags can be carried in the cabin without extra charge


Finnair is starting to limit the amount of carry-on luggage even more strictly. Baggage restrictions will also change for different types of tickets.

Finnair will change its ticket types and baggage allowances in early June. On intra-European flights, the Economy Lite ticket is replaced by a Superlite ticket, which includes only a small bag that can be carried under the seat.

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The amount of baggage allowance is reduced on both European and long-haul flights for passengers traveling in business class. Business Lite tickets include one small bag and one large piece of hand luggage. Business Classic and Flex tickets also include one checked bag.

All special accessories such as golf bags, skis or heavy bags must be purchased as an additional service.

Finnair tightens the control of excess hand luggage. From the beginning of June, additional hand luggage of passengers will be carried in the hold and will have to pay an additional fee for this.

– The amount of excess carry-on luggage on flights is a clear challenge that affects both the punctuality of flights and the comfort of travel, and we also regularly receive feedback from our customers and staff, Valtteri Helve, who Finnair’s products are responsible, explains the company’s press release.

As a general rule, the ticket includes only one piece of hand luggage and one small bag that can be carried under the seat, the total weight of which does not exceed 8 kg.

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Halway reminds us that the fee for excess baggage on the ground is higher than for those already purchased.

– so it’s worth checking the amount of luggage included in your ticket, and stick to it, Helvey says.

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