Friday, June 2, 2023

A woman insults her ex-husband on Instagram: “News from my happy family for Christmas: my violent marriage is coming to an end”


The man was distressed by the publication of the woman.

A woman from Jamsala insulted the honor of her ex-husband with an Instagram post.

The woman had published a picture on her personal social media account, referring to the end of a violent relationship.

The district court acquitted him without punishment on the grounds of insignificance and extravagance. The woman was still ordered to pay 800 Euros to the man in damages.

In the photo posted on Instagram, the woman stood outside and showed her left hand without a ring. Underneath the photo he wrote: “My happy family news for Christmas: My violent marriage is coming to an end. Congratulations!”

The ex-husband said he heard about the publication on Christmas Day 2021. According to him, relatives started calling him and one even forwarded him a screenshot of the publication.

According to the person, the publication and subsequent questioning had caused him fear and anxiety. He said he was worried because he didn’t know how many people had seen the publication, and what people thought about it.

According to the person, the information about a violent relationship in the publication was not true.

The woman, on the other hand, said that she had been in a shelter before, and that too the man’s close people must have known. According to him, the purpose of the publication was not to demean the man, but to show that even a breakup can be a positive experience.

According to the District Court of Central Finland, there was indisputable emotional and physical violence in the relationship between the former couple, and the woman even had to go to a shelter. Therefore, according to the court, she was not actually spreading false information or insinuations in the matter.

The woman had around sixty followers on her personal Instagram account at the time of the incident. Some of the followers were also from the close circle of the man.

According to the court, outsiders could not directly identify the person based on the picture or the text of the publication, but those close to him who knew the context could. From this point of view, the court found that the man’s concern is very understandable.

The court held that the woman had to understand that following the Instagram post in question, a very likely consequence would be of the man being humiliated.

The verdict, given in March, is not legally binding, as the woman has appealed it to the Court of Appeal.

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