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After getting 1500 euro, she cried bitterly, found unemployed, told the emotional reason to the camera


Big emotions happen in the season finale episode of Rich or Poor when Täminen gets three months of money to use from Valeckowski.

In the last episode of the season, Rich and the Rich, Milli Täminen and her daughter Janna, who live in Valkekoski, and Jana and Panu Villanen, a couple from Hämeenlinna, exchange budgets for a week. Living in a difficult financial situation, Mila is currently unemployed.

Jana, on the other hand, is an influential value strategist in the business world and her husband, Panu, is a high school teacher. The Villain couple live on the shores of Lake Katumjärvi in ​​a separate 400-square-metre house. The spacious yard ends in an elevated beach, and from the large windows Villaset observes nature with a telescope that costs 3,000 euros and binoculars that cost the same.

On the other hand, Miley is used to buying everything used because of her financial condition. Miley worked in her mother’s flea market business for years before it closed. After that, finding work has been difficult, and Miley has participated in work trials supported by Banana for several years.

Now the only source of income is banana subsidy. Miley’s weekly budget is 91 Euros.

– They are not enough for anything. At the end of the month, you’re always wondering where to get food for the table, Mila admits.

I am in such a trap that when I run out of money at some point in the month, I have to borrow from friends. He taxes the budget on Money Day, because of course the debt has to be repaid, he says.

Last summer, Miley got a cleaning job through her good friend, which was a dream come true.

– I enjoyed a lot. I like to clean anyway. It was a seasonal job during the summer. I hope I can be there this summer too, says Miley.

During exchange week, Mili Täminen and Janna's daughter get a chance to enjoy things they normally can't afford.

During exchange week, Mili Täminen and Janna’s daughter get a chance to enjoy things they normally can’t afford. Photo: Nelonen Media

Just moving house brings emotions to the surface in Mili. He is surprised when he sees Villain’s separate house.

– Oh, it’s huge, Miley breathed.

– Mom, keep your pants on, Janna urges.

The biggest surprise comes when Miley calculates her new weekly budget. The garland of bills startles him.

– Huh, my god, Miley gasps.

– So.. help, he says.

The new weekly budget is 1,500 Euros. This immediately brings tears to Mili’s eyes.

– Oh, says Miley and wipes the tears from both her eyes.

– That’s all, he says softly.

Miley opens up to the cameras about the reason behind her sensitivity.

– This is more money than I have in three months. That’s a lot for me, he says, his eyes watering.

– I’m confused and happy, he laughed.

The Willetts, on the other hand, believe they can survive on their much tighter budget than a typical weekly budget.

– Because then we have to survive, says the couple.

– Maybe a little less fish and shellfish, reflects the water.

Also in the last episode, we saw Tina’s reaction to Forsa when she arrived at the fabulous luxury mansion for a week.

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Rich and penniless on Nelos and Rudu. The season finale episode of Rich and Poor comes to Nelos on Wednesday 24 May at 8PM.

IS and Nelonen belong to the same Sanoma Group.

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