Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Can you recognize these Finnish waterway animals from a picture? If you get more than 8 right, you are actually a water animal


Finland’s inland waters are teeming with a variety of birds, fish, insects, crustaceans, molluscs and mammals. But how well can you identify them from just one picture?

Spring is already far away, and the ice on the lakes and rivers is melting at a good pace, even as far as northern Finland.

As the ice melts, important changes occur in the water of the lakes for the organisms of the inland waters. When the sun heats the surface of the lake water, the oxygen-rich water on the surface heats up and sinks to the bottom. Water rich in nutrients, on the other hand, recedes and comes to the surface.

This is called the spring cycle of lakes. Oxygen-rich water that sinks to the bottom is vital to bottom-dwelling animals, and nutrient-rich water that rises to the surface triggers the spring bloom, that is, the growth of phytoplankton. Finally nesting like this and summer hopping can begin!

But do you know what kind of people live in Finnish lakes and lakes?

We have designed a test where you can identify different animals – birds, fish, insects, mammals, crustaceans and molluscs – from the inland waters of Finland.

Take the test and find out if you are really a water nerd!

If you don’t see the test above, you can do it here.

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