Saturday, September 23, 2023

Finnish basketball championship in Helsinki in a long time – the seagulls are celebrating their first championship


Basketball Championship in Helsinki after a break of 25 years.

The Seagulls of Helsinki defeated Kauhajoki Karhu Basket 91–66 in the sixth game of the Men’s Korisliiga Finals series and won the championship 4–2.

The championship is the first for Seagull and the first for the Helsinki club since Torpa Poikian SM Gold in 1998.

Karhu Baskets defended the championship and played in the finals for the fifth time in a row, and won a total of three championships out of the last four.

The Seagulls were best at their home hall. It led 28–12 after the opening quarter and extended the lead to 22 points (48–26) at the break.

In the second half, Karhu Baskets strengthened their lead to ten points, but no one could come closer and so the Seagulls party came.

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