Sunday, December 10, 2023

He won the Master Bakers contest!


Anna and Laura are crowned winners of the Master Bakers Competition.

The Master Bakers event was won by Anna and Laura, who reached the finals as the only amateur bakers.

Grandma Jury selected the winners on the basis of previous baking task. In the final episode, the three participating couples made a three-layer cake, the bottom half of which had to describe their past, the middle half the present and the top half the future.

The bottom layer of the winning cake was a blackcurrant-chocolate cake, the middle layer was kinuski-raspberry and the top was a lemon cake. Delicious flavors were tied together by a skillful garnish.

– The winning cake is technically top notch and otherwise absolutely gorgeous, justifying the grandma jury’s choice of Irma Anna and Laura.

Anna and Laura tell the cameras that they are shocked to have won the competition.

– I feel really good now, so incredible, says Anna.

– Feels a little unreal, what just happened, Laura continues.

Amateur bakers Anna and Laura win the Master Bakers competition.

Amateur bakers Anna and Laura win the Master Bakers competition. Photo: Kirsikka Laiteila

Even though only one pair reached victory, the grandmothers also praised Rita and Rita’s sisters, who made it to the finals, and their fellow students Nia and Emily.

– You are all wonderful people and your actions are always individual, reminds Mitya Sorvali.

– I must say that you three couples really did a wonderful job, and technically they are really skillfully and amazingly drawn, summarizes Ella, who is part of the jury.

Other contestants say the winnings went to the right addressees.

He’s always been our favorite player here. Nia says if you yourself do not win, then you always hope that they will win.

Full seasons of the Master Bakers program can be found on Rutu. Ilta-Sanomat and Rutu belong to the same Sanoma group.

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