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How much money do Finns spend on celebrations – “In the morning I looked at the account and thought, what the hell”


The Me Naisten survey reveals how much money Finns spend on partying. During the party rush money is spent on two things in particular.

Dark parties everywhere, let’s drink money from inheritance accounts, sings rap duo JVG in their song Haiya, published in 2011.

Sometimes evenings spent on a sunny terrace can turn into wild dancing in dark clubs. Then, the next morning, it can be really surprising how much money was spent for one night’s party.

Me Naiset recently asked how much money Finns spend on partying. 368 people answered the survey.

Many respondents to the survey admitted that sometimes in the morning after the party they are even afraid to enter the online bank, because its balance can cause a nasty surprise.

– Sometimes when you see the account balance the next day it is a bit of a shock. The 46-year-old man who answered the survey says it’s probably better to watch and avoid the uncooked carrot.

What kind of spendthrifts are Finns when they celebrate?

large amount?

Finns who responded to the survey spend an average of 146.15 euros during a party night.

This may sound like a lot, but in reality the answers vary from one side to the other: some spend quite a bit to celebrate, while some celebrate too much for the past.

“The money is usually spent during one evening, around 200 euros. Celebrating is rare, but when it happens, it gets out of hand.” Jessie, 22

“10-15 Euros, when I go.” Nina, 29

During the month, respondents spent an average of 286.47 euros on partying. Even this amount may seem large, but the average was influenced by the fact that many survey respondents say they spent thousands of euros on tickets during the month.

So it’s also a good idea to look at the median of the totals, which is the middle value of the answers. The average of the answers was 40 Euros.


The evening got out of hand when we were having fun abroad with friends.

We also asked Finns what they’ve spent the most money on in one evening. Some said they spent several thousand euros on a single night’s entertainment.

“200-300. Of course, it depends on what kind of group you are in. We pay in shifts.” Mia, 47

“2,000 Euros. If your own marriage doesn’t count.” Sakke, 54

“9,754.56 euros. The evening got out of hand when we were having fun abroad with friends. I still have the receipts. In the morning of that 9 ton king, I had to look at the account and wonder what it was Which was bought with all that money. However, this price is not entirely surprising.” male, 26

Most of the money is spent on alcohol and food.

Survey respondents spend money on two things in particular when celebrating: alcohol and food.

68 percent of respondents said that most money is spent on alcoholic beverages. Only 11 percent said the money is spent exclusively on buying non-alcoholic beverages.

Finns spend the most on food during their holiday: 42 percent said they spend money exclusively on food.

The next biggest buck after party nights is travel. Taxis, public transport and other ways to get from home to the party and from the party home are lighter on the wallet. 36 per cent of those who responded to the survey said that money is spent during the party, especially on travel.

In addition to food, drinks, travel and entrance fees, Finns’ money when partying decreases, for example, cigarettes, gambling, wearing clothes and, for example, birthday gifts.

“I’d rather eat chocolate”

The survey also asked what Finns think about spending their own money and the amount spent on celebrations.

Many young people in particular said they felt they spent too much money on parties.

“It’s always annoying to spend money on tickets, I’d prefer to spend money on anything other than partying. Still, there will be a celebration.” Susanna, 19

Others said that they do not think of spending so much money while celebrating. On the other hand, some said that they closely monitor the use of their money during the party.

“When I rarely celebrate, I don’t count the expenses.” Woman, 43.

“My money access is under control at all times. I will keep an eye on the bank account status online till evening.” Female, 34.

On the other hand, some respondents said that partying is a thing of the past, and nowadays people do not go out anymore, despite spending a lot of money on entertainment. On the other hand, there were also people who said they spent almost zero euros for tickets, because they don’t really enjoy partying.

“What a shame. No morning surprises. I’d rather eat chocolate than party.” Katja, 50

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