Friday, December 8, 2023

In the Swedish media, they are trying to soften the anger of the beginning of the week: “let go of the joy of loss”


It is easy for Finns to feel bad, says Torbjörn Ek, wisdom expert at Aftonbladet magazine.

On Monday, it was reported how Swedish Aftonbladet’s visa expert Tobey was left extremely devastated after another Markus Larsson Finn left Sweden’s Eurovision representative Lorraine with no points.

Knowledge experts from the neighboring country expressed their dismay in the magazine’s Schlagerkol podcast.

– Stupid people, one thought about the Finns.

Now one writes in Aftonbladet that although it is easy to rejoice at the defeat of the Finns, it is the wrong way to celebrate Sweden’s victory in Lorraine.

Although Eki finds it a bit difficult to laugh at the picture he saw on Twitter, where the Swedish national hockey team Tre Kronor defeats the Finnish national team, and the words from Lorraine’s song are added to the picture: And I care about you. I’m in, you’re stuck on me like a tattoo.

Sweden beat Finland 2-1 in their Group A match of the World Ice Hockey Championship on Monday.

Aftonbladet’s experts’ previous frustration with the Finns seems to be receding, although between the lines you can still sense a slight sourness towards both Finns and Norwegians.

In Norway, there have been strong calls to change the Eurovision voting practice and to leave the judges’ say.

In his latest article, a writer for Aftonbladet tries to create a sense of unity among the three Nordic countries rather than anger.

– Let the Finns and Norwegians be bitter and rude for a while. Then we can dance the cha cha cha together, feel like the Queen of Kings (the name of the Norwegian Eurovision song) and get tattoos. Then we can celebrate the fact that for the first time three Nordic countries can be the favorites of the entire Eurovision TV audience, a laugh.

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