Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Janni Hussi, who celebrated her bachelorette party for five days, returned to Finland: “The French were surprised at that..”


Janni Hussey and partners are back in Finland.

Socialite and entrepreneur Janni Hussi celebrated her bachelorette party for several days. Her bachelorette party included, among others, her friend, fitness trainer Maija Happanen and entrepreneur Sointu Borg.

At first, bachelor parties were celebrated in Finland, but later at least part of the party moved to Southern Europe. Now Hussey has published photos from the memorable trip, updating on what he experienced.

– Well, you are speechless (for several reasons …) Mimit was surprised by the bachelors of the century, who were already beginning to test their endurance .. We dragged on the same chachachata for five days that the French Was thinking about it .. Hussey writes referring to Karija’s poem.

In addition, he is very grateful to his friends who organize bachelorette parties.

Ilta-Sanomat previously reported that last week, based on Instagram stories, the group gathered at the Farang restaurant in Helsinki, for example.

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Hussey, a former fitness athlete who previously worked as a radio host, will marry entrepreneur and politician Joel Harkimo this summer.

Hussey and Harkimo got engaged in 2021.

Hussey and Harkimo got engaged in 2021. Photo: Jan Eltonen/IS

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