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Many wake up at 3-4am – experts wonder why more doctors don’t recognize common cause


Do you wake up in the morning and it’s 40+ on the Sal Meter? Yes, says gynecologist Maija Kajan, estrogen deficiency can be a cause of insomnia.

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Gynecologist Maija Kajan often hears the common story about sleep problems in women in their forties: they fall asleep, but they wake up around 3-4 in the morning, and sleep is disturbed.

Many people suspect that insomnia is caused by tiredness or stress. Some have received melatonin and sleeping pills from a doctor, others have been diagnosed with moderate depression and taken sick leave for several months.

—Women often have to use a variety of medications over a long period of time until they realize that estrogen deficiency may be causing the symptoms, Kajan says.

Insomnia is one of the most common symptoms when a woman’s estrogen levels begin to drop after forty – sometimes even earlier. According to Cajni, the most common cause of insomnia in women over 40 is a lack of estrogen.

Kajan wonders why many doctors don’t recognize estrogen’s effect on sleep, even though the primary treatment for sleep problems in menopausal women is hormone therapy, as recommended by Kayapa Hoito for insomnia.

– When you finally get the right dose of estrogen, many people are surprised at how well they sleep! Within a few weeks the fatigue subsides and you can get excited about life again.

Gynecologist Maja Kajan says,

“When hormones are brought back into balance, sleep improves and complexions are rejuvenated,” says gynecologist Maija Kajan. Photo: Reena Pihu

Sleep problems can be caused by a decrease in estrogen, even if menstruation is still regular, Cajun reminds. Firstly, insomnia can trouble you just before your period and at a time when estrogen levels are at their lowest.

–If the cause of the sleep problem is a lack of estrogen, the most logical treatment is estrogen, says Kazan.

In addition to estrogen, luteinizing hormone is needed to reduce the risk of uterine cancer if the uterus has not been removed. It is easiest to get the drug if it is determined that the value of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is elevated. Cajan recommends visiting and measuring both FSH and E2 (most importantly estrogen or estradiol) values ​​from the 3rd to the 10th of the menstrual cycle. between days.

Blood tests are not necessary if there are other symptoms consistent with estrogen deficiency, such as heart rhythm disturbances, joint, muscle and tendon pain, irritability, depression, or a sensitivity to crying.

For sleep problems, you should try taking a small dose of estrogen for 1-2 months in the form of a gel or patch. If symptoms do not improve, measuring the FSH value will reveal whether the dosage is correct or too low.


The most important thing will be to bring back the dreams.

– The dose of estrogen should always be individually tailored according to how symptoms are relieved. A blood test can confirm whether it is worth increasing the dose or whether the symptoms are possibly due to other causes.

According to Kajani, the natural estrogen used in Finland does not cause many side effects. Hormone therapy for more than 3-5 years slightly increases the risk of breast cancer, but estrogen deficiency increases the risk of many other diseases, from heart attacks to type 2 diabetes.

Estrogen deficiency also exacerbates snoring and sleep apnea, which can also be largely relieved with estrogen treatment, reminds Kajan. The most important thing will be to bring back the dreams.

Lack of sleep for any reason increases debilitating inflammation in the body, which in turn increases the risk of vascular disease and some cancers. It is of primary importance for a woman to get good sleep, which reduces the risk of many diseases.

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This story was first published in Me Nice in November 2022.

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