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Mikko Rantanen’s situation in Legion is worrying – here’s the solution to the NHL superstar’s problems


The Lions’ chase hasn’t worked to its full potential at the start of the World Cup. There will be a solution.


Three matches and only one win. Although Sweden’s recent match was a pretty solid performance from the Lions, Finland’s World Cup tournament hasn’t gotten off to a very flattering start in terms of results.

One problem has been the attack chain, which hasn’t worked as expected.

MM reporters Ville Touru, Teemu Suvinen and Sami Hofren from Sanoma caught up with him in the video above the article.

Finland’s lack of budding centre-back was relieved on Tuesday when Antti Suomela, who had been sidelined for the last few matches due to injury, returned midway through the second series.

Otherwise, Jukka Jalonen still retained the chains. Is that a mistake?

– Ranta and Kako should be mainly started, as both have the potential to produce huge results, says Touru, referring to NHL players who have played quite ineffectively so far.

Ratnan has scored only 0+2 in three matches. Kako has one serve point.

Jalonen could try to solve the problems of Rantanen and Kako by keeping these wingers in the same series.

– In that case, a certain NHL connection might work. Rantanen has said that he has faced some challenges in getting used to the game and the way it is played. It can help to have another NHL player next to you who is used to the tough pace and fast puck transfer, says Suvinen.

Hoffren puts the finished series proposal straight on the table:

– 1st place Hurtikainen–Maninen–Kapnen, 2nd place Rantanen–Sumela–Kakko and 3rd place Pessonen–Lamikko–Armia, who performed brilliantly in the final stage of the previous Games. Four unchanged (Oksanen–Björninen–Antilla).

– Even if the first series gave scoring chances in the last game, it doesn’t work perfectly. I would like to see the trio of Rantanen-Suomela-Kakko. Suomela is still a slightly undiscovered card. Hoffren further said that now he can really show if he can lead a series of results.

The triple chain formed by Kapanen, Lamiko and Pessonen has been Legion’s most intact team ever, but changes should be considered in the name of efficiency of the top chains.

Kapanen has also been the Lions’ best ever player. Tooru says he may sit well with Manninen and Hartikainen, who already have a mutual relationship.

– Kapsta had already been tested in that first series at the Czech EHT. There was budding chemistry with Manin, but at the time it seemed Hartikainen was a bit left out. Even the series may not click right away, but it’s worth trying, because even now the situation definitely isn’t perfect, Suvienne continues.

The Lions World Cup tournament will continue on Wednesday with a match against France at 20:20.


Chain in Tuesday’s practice

Extras: Jère Saleen, Valtteri Marella

first ground

Timu Hurtikainen-Sakari Manninen-Mikko Rantainen

Mikko Lehtonen-Ate Ohtama

second field

Joel Armia – Anti Suomella – Capo Caco

Olli Mata-Mika Koivisto

third sector

Harri Pessonen-Juho Lamikko-Kasperi Kapanen

Mikel Seppala-Ville Pocca

fourth sector

Ahti Oksanen-Hans Björninen-Marco Antilla

Niklas Freeman-Nicholas Matinpalo

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