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Miro Heiskanen’s incredible season continues – the best in the world? Rapper surprised in the middle of the match: “Better bet than DJ”


Miro Heiskanen has had a fantastic season. The Espoo native again played more than 30 minutes when Dallas eliminated Seattle from the NHL playoffs.


32 minutes and seven seconds.

Miro Heiskanen had playing time in Dallas as the Stars battled to a 2–1 victory over the Seattle Kraken and at the same time a 4–3 win in the playoff series.

The victory sent Dallas to the conference finals, i.e. the top four.

Heiskanen’s role in this has been worth more than gold to Dallas.

– It looks great. It’s good when you trust and the game goes on, Heiskanen told Ilta-Sanom in Dallas.

Heiskanen, 23, is known as a slight athlete.

But he has occasionally said out loud that the goal is to become the best defender in the world.

At least in this spring’s playoffs, he has at least been close to that title.

Where does he think he is going with his goal?

– We’re on good pace. I feel good all the time and I can help the team every night. That has been the goal. I am improving all the time and again took a good step from last season. I try to improve game by game.

Heiskanen has been the number one name in the playoffs with an average playing time of 28.15. Florida’s Brandon Montour (25.56) is the closest to continuing the full season.

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Another super important Finn in Dallas is Roop Hintze. He is still at the top of the points market for players continuing their season. Otherwise, only Connor McDavid is ahead.

Hintz has scored 19 (9+10) points in 13 games and again scored a key opening goal.

Like Heiskanen, Hintz’s value to the team is much more than a power point.

– Hineki is only improving all the time. Surely he still has spare gears. He does some important work whenever we are in need. Big target again today. He plays hard and takes care of the defense as much as possible. Nice to play together.

Is there spare gear from Hiscus?

– Yes, they should be found. Especially for efficiency. The account of the target is yet to be opened. Maybe in the next series.

Hiskanen, who hit the top bar in the tiebreaker against Seattle, has scored nine goals in the playoffs.

Carrizon’s cha cha cha song that conquered Europe in the Eurovision Song Contest was also revived on Monday at the home arena of Dallas with a stoppage in the third set of the match.

– Playing Finn from DJ is a good bet, Heiskanen smiled.

– We’ve played it many times in the booth. The gang is a little audible, but not terrible. It was quite a surprise that DJ got it.

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