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PODCAST: Kiara Korpi opens up about her sex life – lays straight how activity in the bedroom affects


The first guest on the new season of the popular Ranker’s Friends podcast is former figure skater Kiera Korpi, 34. Hosted by Ina Mikkola, the podcast directly discusses sex, sexuality, relationships and everything related to it.

Korpi states in the episode that for him, the content of bedroom dreams often depends on his mood.

– I like to try different positions. I can’t say which one of them would be my favourite. There are times when you are interested in different things, he describes.

– That seasonal thinking is interesting. Sometimes one thing works better than another, Mikkola reflects.

– Absolutely. Anyway, my sex life moves in seasons, explains Korpi.

Korpi says sex life activity can vary greatly depending on life situation.

– Sometimes I’m really active and yeah, try, and it’s a really nice flow. Sometimes it’s a long season, frankly, I’m not interested in it, or it’s not important, he admits Mikkola.

– What factors influence this seasonal thinking? Mikkola asks.

– Certain general mental and physical health and well-being. I have often seen such periods of depression in my life. Then the first one doesn’t like it. Yes, it does, Korpi describes.

Mikkola says it is clear that sexual energy does not flourish when it is burdened. On the other hand, he also mentions that sex can be a healing force.

– It’s therapeutic too! The crow crows.

– You can also change the style, how do you like it. Touching up and taking good care of yourself has always been important, and especially in weather like this, it’s not to be forgotten, says Korpi in the podcast.

Korpi told me in an interview this spring with Nestene that he is not straight.

– I’ve always had the knowledge that I too am attracted to and turned on by women, but I’ve downplayed or silenced this feeling in myself. “I haven’t allowed myself to think beyond that,” Korpi told the magazine.

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Korpi told IS in March that he would start a new life in Helsinki after returning to Finland from New York.

– The dream for this year is to find our own house with a good area for walking the dog. Living in Kauniainen has been good, but now the road leads to Helsinki. It was quite a tough jump going from New York to Kaunas, so now I want to move back to a bigger city.

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Ranker’s friend book in Supala+ service. IS and Supla belong to the same Sanoma Group.

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