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Police did not find a video recording crucial to finding 16-year-old Rasmus Takluoma


According to the police, the video recording would have been crucial in the initial stages of the investigation.

New details have emerged about the investigation into 16-year-old Rasmus Takluoma, who disappeared without a trace in November.

Through a request for information police were unable to obtain a crucial video recording at an early stage of the investigation. The owner of the video recording informed the police that the video did not exist.

However, it was later revealed that a video image of the events of the night of the disappearance had been recorded on camera.

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When the police went to inquire about the video recording at one place, they were told that there was no such recording. Later, it turned out that such a recording had been requested, says Mikael Appel, communications manager for the Ostrobothnia police.

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According to police, the video may have been instrumental in targeting the search for Takaluoma.

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– Will not comment on this in more detail. This is our inner wisdom.

Apple doesn’t even tell IS who has the video recording.

– We don’t say from whom it was requested, says Appel.

He also did not say whether the video recording was obtained by the police later.

– Not commented on.

The police therefore launched a criminal investigation into the matter, and the matter is being investigated as an assault against the police. A person is suspected in this incident.

Rasmus Takaluoma, 16, spent the evening at the hotel-restaurant Lapuahovi in ​​his hometown of Lapua on Friday, Nov. 11, 2022. At around 01:00 in the night he was removed due to a scuffle in the restaurant. A local, off-duty police officer was involved in the scuffle.

Takaluoma asked to return to the restaurant 10 minutes later, but was not allowed back in. The events of the restaurant’s night were recorded on a surveillance camera. Since then, there have been no confirmed sightings of Takaluoma.

We have the recording of that time. I can confirm this, says Appel.

According to him, there is no doubt of any crime in the disappearance of the hind limb.

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