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Roop Hintze scores the big goal, Miro Hiskanen shines! Dallas Lee Thriller – The Rapper Roared In The Arena


The Dallas Stars reached the Conference Finals. Roop Hintz opened the scoring in the deciding match.


The Dallas Stars advanced to the Western Conference Finals after defeating the Seattle Kraken in Game 7 of the series.

The thriller ended with the home team winning 2–1.

Dallas had better scoring opportunities in the first and second periods, but the game remained goalless for long periods.

Seattle again defended the goal with quality and self-sacrifice, and Dallas could not find more loose punts.

The Stars still had several chances to take the lead in the game, but when Kraken failed to block shots, efforts by Roop Hintze, Miro Heiskanen, Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin stopped either past goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer or into the goal post. .

Finally, at 35.59, it was over. Hintz snatched the puck from Jamie Oleksiak, got into a fight with Grubauer and confidently loaded the puck into the top left corner.

At the beginning of the final set, Dallas’ home arena DJ played Karizza’s Cha Cha Chan during the break. At the same time, Asa Lindell, Karija aka Järre Pohonen’s childhood partner, was chosen to pose for pictures on the jumbotron.

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As the set progressed, Dallas had to mostly splash and field the puck under heavy pressure from Seattle.

The second goal came at 52:48 to make it easy for the hosts, when star rookie Wyatt Johnson was the first on the end of Kraken’s demolition puck. Johnson scored and lifted the puck to the ceiling in the front corner.

Kraken managed to make it low with 17.6 seconds remaining while playing without a goalie. However, Oliver Björkstrand’s goal remained a slim consolation.

Heiskanen excelled as the leader of the Dallas defense and played over 30 minutes. Jani Hakanpah was on the sidelines from the Stars lineup.

Seattle’s Elie Tolvanan’s season ended. In the opening set, Tolvainen received a two-minute suspension for a cross stick, with which he prevented Jamie Benn from scoring from an almost certain position. Ben had made a place for himself by hitting a cross to ie Gourde a while back.

A total of 13 Finnish players are participating in the conference finals. The five Finnish stars face the Vegas Golden Knights, the only remaining team that does not have Finnish players in its ranks.

The Florida Panthers of three Finns will challenge the Carolina Hurricanes of five Finns, who host the East Finals opener on Thursday.


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