Saturday, September 23, 2023

Second suspect in Oulu double murder has been released


The husband of the female victim is no longer suspected of the double murder.

The second suspect in the Oulu double murder has been released from custody pending trial. He is no longer suspected of murder.

The matter has been confirmed by the Oulu police from Ilta-Sanom.

The suspects in the Oulu double murder were arrested at the Oulu District Court last Wednesday.

The female victim’s husband was arrested with probable cause on suspicion of two murders and one firearm offense. He is still imprisoned.

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The second suspect was arrested on suspicion of one count of murder and a firearm offense at a hearing which began at 2:30pm last Wednesday. Reason to suspect means that the police have one week to find probable cause to continue the detention or that the suspect should be released.

However, now the police have come to the conclusion that the man was not guilty of murder, so he has been released. Thus, the husband of the female victim is now the only suspect in the case.

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The suspicious murders took place on Saturday, May 6, in Velivainio, Oulu.

The husband of the victim woman is accused of murdering his wife and another person. Both victims had been shot. The female victim was found shot in her own home while the male victim was found outside the house.

The husband of the woman victim was arrested at Haravati, relatively close to the spot. Another man, now released, was taken into custody at the apartment.

The release was first reported by MTV Utiset.

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