Saturday, September 23, 2023

Shocking decision! Ira Hammerman finishes Huömenta in Finland


Ira Hammerman managed to serve as the program’s weekend host for half a year.

Journalist Ira Hammerman, 55, is ending Huomata Sumen as a presenter. He announced his decision to quit in his Facebook update. In his publication, Hammerman revealed the reasons behind his decision. His washing lasted only half a year.

– However, I feel very strongly that I am at my best as a journalist, especially in leisurely personal interviews that go deeper than the surface. In this job as a journalist, I’ve always been interested in how different life experiences develop a person and how my own conscious or unconscious choices have shaped my guest’s life path. Ten minutes is not enough for him, he says in his update.

Hammerman at last year's Linna party.  The invitation came from his work for Ukrainian refugees.

Hammerman at last year’s Linna party. The invitation came from his work for Ukrainian refugees. Photo: Paula Cascima / IS

Furthermore, he writes to his followers what he hopes for their future.

– Now, however, it’s time to return to my roots: as a reporter and producer of TV programs focusing on in-depth personal interviews. Unfortunately, that type of program seems to be an almost disappearing natural resource on the TV program charts these days, which makes me very surprised and sad. And I don’t even think I’m the only person who thinks so, Hammerman reflects.

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Finally, he states that he will serve as the weekend host of Huomanta Suomen until the end of the second week of June, when his co-host will be Aki Linnanahde. At the end of his recitation, Hammerman thanked the program’s audience.

– We make these programs for you, he specifies.

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