Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Squat 300 Pounds? NHL Confirmation of Lions in Tampere


In Sanoma’s Legionarevolver, they ask for a captain. Now it’s NHL confirmation Joel Armia.


Who has the best shot on the team?

-Mika Koivisto.

Tell me one thing that the general public doesn’t know about Marco Antilla?

At least it won’t fit in a hotel bed. However, everyone probably already knew that.

Who is the dumbest on the team?

– Jussi Olkinoura

Who is the team leader?

– Juho Lamikko

Which teammate would you not let update their Instagram account?

– Pond.

Who has the most special equipment on the team?

– Strikes of Capo Caco. They are such old Sherwoods. They don’t have any shield.

What’s your record on Cooper’s trial?

– no idea. I don’t remember whether I ever ran or not.

How much do you get from squats?

– Shall we draw Kumeli style here: hundred kilos, 150 kilos, 300 kilos.

Who is your favorite in the Lions’ Sexiest Man discussion?

Hannes Björninen.

Hannes Björninen. Photo: Vesa Moilainen / Lehtikuva


One song that always turns you on?

From the floor.

What’s the surprising item you took with you on your World Cup trip?

– I don’t know whether I took anything or not, whereas you can get so much stuff here.

Which is the best vacation spot for a hockey player in summer?

– Yeast.

What’s the best barbecue delicacy of summer?

– Ribs.

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