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The skin-tight outfit did a trick on Lorraine – Gyan made an embarrassing mistake in the finale


Lauren tells the British media about her plans for the future and the clothing mess in the finale.

After winning the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time, Lauren will have a park party on Tuesday in Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården, Expressen reports. In Sweden, people were already wondering where the winner of the competition was, as Løren’s team had already returned to Sweden after the final.

Lorraine, on the other hand, remained in Britain, where she gave her first interview to the media after her victory. In an interview with Britelliti, Lauren talked about her future plans, Karija, and how she faced a mistake in the finale.

The rapper finished second in the Eurovision final.

The rapper finished second in the Eurovision final. Photo: Vesa Moilainen / Lehtikuva

In an interview with The Sun, he said that he hoped that next year’s Eurovision Song Contest would be held in his hometown of Stockholm.

The winner of Viusoi believes that members of Abba will also appear in Viusoi in honor of the anniversary. Next year will be the 50th anniversary of Abba’s fifth victory.

– I’ve met three members of ABBA and I’m pretty sure they’ll be in the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m going to push a bit. Viusut should be held in Stockholm, especially since it is 50 years since Abba’s victory, Lauren tells a British newspaper.

The artist won Eurovision thanks to an avalanche of scores awarded by the national judges. Sumen Karija won the public vote, but in the end the jury votes gave the victory to Lorraine.

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Lorraine won Eurovision in 2012 with her song Euphoria.  2023's victory came with Tattoo Song.

Lorraine won Eurovision in 2012 with her song Euphoria. 2023’s victory came with Tattoo Song. Photo: Andy Von Pipp/Zuma

Lorraine said in an interview with The Sun that not everything went according to plan at the Eurovision final. During a performance of the song Tattoo, the artist was seen on stage in a figure-hugging outfit, which according to Lauren was so tight that the pants eventually ripped.

The artist tells The Sun that after the performance she noticed a strange feeling in the area of ​​her rear.

– My pants ripped, but only when I got off the stage. Lauren told the magazine that they were completely torn.

– Adrenaline was rushing and I wandered the corridors after the show. I thought it was cool. Then I noticed my pants. Luckily, the stylist had extra pants, says Lauren.

The skimpy performance dress did the trick on Lorraine.

The skimpy performance dress did the trick on Lorraine. Photo: Graham Finney/Cover Image/Zuma

According to her own words, after the Vishu final, Loren has mostly rested.

There was a long press conference after the victory. When I came back to the hotel, my friends and family were celebrating. I told him that I love you guys and now I am going to bed. That’s how I celebrate.

The singer told The Sun that she is already looking forward to the upcoming concerts. However, he is not sure whether he plans to stay in Sweden to stay. Lorraine says she has fallen in love with Britain so much that she is seriously considering moving to the island nation.

– I love Britain. Here you can feel the creativity.

You Brits are pioneers. I thought I would have to leave Sweden, says Lorraine.

Lauren hopes that the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Stockholm next year.

Lauren hopes that the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Stockholm next year. Photo: Vesa Moilainen / Lehtikuva

Lorraine was asked in the interview why Mai Muller, representing Great Britain, finished second to last in the final. The Swedish artist thinks that authenticity speaks to the audience.

– I love that Mai Müller addresses a young audience, which is really important. Personally, I would probably pay more attention to whether they are genuine in artists, says Lauren and gives Karija as an example when she talks about an artist who is genuinely doing her job. Is.

– The truth about Karija is that when he is on stage, he is not afraid and does not perform anything, Lauren admires.

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