Friday, December 8, 2023

The youngster who shot the Lions had a strange day off – NHL legend overhears Harvard exam


Sean Farrell is finishing his degree at Harvard between NHL and World Cup games.

16.5. 20:56

Striker Sean Farrell is balancing sport and studies during the World Cup. The United States national team member’s versatility came in handy over the weekend as he took advantage of the World Cup break by taking an economics test remotely.

The USA beat Finland 4-1 on Friday and Farrell had a test day on Saturday. He studies economics at the prestigious Harvard University.

– It was my last exam of the semester at Harvard, so had to do it this way during the World Cup. It’s great that I finished my school work and now I can just focus on playing, Farrell told Aftonbladet.

According to Farrell, the team had a supervisor for him.

John Weinbeesbrook kept an eye on me the whole time. He printed out the test and later sent it back to the school. He did a good job.

Vanbiesbrouck is best remembered for his long, illustrious career in the NHL, e.g. With goals from the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers. Currently, he is the Vice President of Sports Operations for the USA Hockey Association.

Farrell, 21, is getting better all the time in competitions. He scored a crucial 2-2 draw against Germany on Monday. USA eventually won 3–2.

Farrell is the 2020 fourth round pick of the Montreal Canadiens. He scored 53 points in 34 games for Harvard this past season and was a finalist for the College Player of the Year Award.

Farrell transferred to the Canadiens after the NCAA season ended. Scored one goal in six Tal league matches.

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