Friday, December 8, 2023

A surprise name appears in the lineup – here are the Lions’ pitches for tonight’s World Cup match


Legionnaires attack France at Tampere.


The Lions continue their World Cup tournament by facing France on Wednesday. Match starts at 20:20.

Lizonate has one win and four points from three matches. Tonight’s opponents France also have four points after three matches.

The snow was voluntary on the main stage of the Nokia Arena on Wednesday afternoon on Lions game day. There were only 11 field players and two goaltenders on the ice.

Lejonat started Wednesday’s match on the same pitches he played against Sweden.

Emile Laramee, who also defended against Sweden on Monday, continues in goal. As a surprise, Christian Heljanko, who went into the game as the third guard, will join the lineup, and will be a reserve guard in tonight’s match.

Antti Suomela, who did not play in Saturday’s match against Germany, practiced during Tuesday’s training session in the middle of the second series. Jère Saleen, who led the second leg in the match against France, was an extra attacker in Tuesday’s training.

Lions line-up against France

First field:

Teemu Hurtikainen-Sakari Manninen-Mikko Rantainen

Mikko Lehtonen-Atte Ohtama

Second field:

Joel Armia-Jere Sallinen-Capo Caco

Olli Mata-Mika Koivisto

Third Sector:

Harri Pessonen-Juho Lamikko-Kasperi Kapanen

Mikel Seppala-Ville Pocca

Fourth Sector:

Ahti Oksanen-Hans Björninen-Marco Antilla

Niklas Freeman-Nicolas Matinpalo

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