Friday, December 8, 2023

ABC Charging has increased the power of its electric car stations


The capacity of many fast charging stations has also doubled in a short span of time.

ABC Charging, managed by cooperatives, has recently increased the power of many of its charging stations.

Powers increased at least in ABC Wala (100 kW -> 200 kW), ABC Pulkkila (250 kW -> 300 kW), ABC Lähisstoppi Muhos (100 kW -> 150 kW), ABC Pirkkala (100 kW -> 200 kW) ), Prisma Lawn in Lahti (100 kW -> 200 kW=), ABC in Heinola (200 kW -> 200 kW + 200 kW) and Prisma Itäkeskus (200 kW -> 200 kW + 300 kW) in Helsinki.

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Increasing charging power reduces the required charging time in electric cars that are able to use the increased power.

For example, from a 200 kW station, you can get several tens of kilowatt hours of driving energy in 10 minutes, which is enough to drive even hundreds of kilometers depending on the car and driving conditions.

According to Marco Sarencedo of ABC Networks, the increase in power of the chain’s fast charging stations will continue in the near future.

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