Tuesday, October 3, 2023

An invaluable message from an F1 insider about Red Bull’s superiority


According to Stefano Dominici, others have a reason to improve what they are doing.

The current F1 season has been full of excellence from Red Bull.

The team has won every race. Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez have dominated the World Series so far.

Red Bull was already better last season. There is now a fear in F1 circles that the massive popularity of the series in recent years threatens to fade away if Red Bull’s momentum is not halted in one way or another.

The powers that be throughout F1’s history have periodically flouted the rules in a way that has stopped the teams having the greatest technical superiority.

However, this has not been a common practice.

F1 chief Stefano Dominici said others had nothing to worry about. Instead, they need to roll up their sleeves.

– The truth must be accepted this year: Red Bull did a better job than the others. it’s a fact. Domenicelli told the Financial Times, according to the RacingNews website, it would still be wrong to say the championship has already been shared.

There’s no need to wait for regulatory reforms or upheaval. The F1 series ushered in a new era of ground effect regulations for the 2022 season only.

We cannot interfere and affect the performance of the teams. I am sure that measures to tighten economic regulations will help in toughening up the competition on the technological side as well.

Red Bull was punished midway through last season for breaching the spending cap in 2021. The time allowed for Red Bull to conduct the wind tunnel test was severely limited as part of the penalty.

The restriction is believed to bite the team as the season progresses and with regard to the design of the next season’s car.

The next race will be held this coming weekend at the Imola track in Italy.

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