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Anna: On Vappu, at the beginning of the relationship Pimi asked her husband a direct question


The favorite presenter also recalls the moment when the “mystery man” Teemu proposed to her.

Presenter Vappu Pimia talks about his life, career and relationships in the latest issue of Anna magazine.

She recalls, among other things, when she met her current husband, Teemu Huhtanen. Pimia was already in his thirties at the time.

When the couple came to an agreement, Pimi lifted the cat onto the table.

– Very soon I asked Timu whether he wanted children. Such things should be clarified at an early stage, so that you do not waste time on a partner whose desires and goals are completely different.

In Pimia’s opinion, starting a family is something you can’t compromise on. He reminds that a woman has a biologically more limited amount of time to reproduce.

– In the worst case, the man makes children later with someone else.

Having married once, Pimi had no desire to marry a second time. However, the couple crashed into the wedding.

– The offer came right from behind the tree. After the important question, I remained silent for so long that Teemu already thought that I would refuse. But I was just confused.

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Vappu Pimia and Teemu Huhtanen have been married for 10 years. They got married on May Day 2013.

Pimia celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by publishing an update on Instagram.

– The greatest in the world, my dear husband Teemu, thank you for being there, supporting and loving me every moment. Best of all, you still make me laugh every day! Have a wonderful tin wedding day, darling, and I can’t look forward to the next ten years, he was beaming.

At Easter, Pimmy recounts the couple’s first meeting. They met 14 years ago on Good Friday at Tahco Ski Center. However, this relationship deepened into dating only after a year and a half.

In celebration of the anniversary, the couple “return to the crime scene”.

– Here’s my tip for all you singles out there who want to find an Easter match or even your very own fireman or firewoman for the rest of your life; Brave the Tahko Piazza, you can find such gems there! Pimia wrote on Instagram at the time.

Huuhtanen previously served as the CEO of game company Next Games and earned millions in his career. However, he left the job in April. However, he will still be working with the company till June. Sarah Bergstrom, who served as the company’s director of marketing and communications, became the new CEO.

Pimia and Huhten also have a daughter, Viola. He has turned 11 this year.

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