Friday, December 8, 2023

Antero Mertaranta was shocked by Si More – “All the money is gone”


Antero Mertaranta’s vintage “ring” broke the gold record limit.

Veteran commentator Antero Mertaranta was perplexed at the Sea More broadcast ahead of the World Cup match between Finland and France in Tampere. Studio host Teemu Nikko pulled out a large poster in the middle of the set.

Mertaranta and A-type veteran Ihanaa Leijonat Ihanaa single (1999) has crossed over two million plays on streaming services. Mertaranta receives a gold record from the streams, presented by Niikko.

– Oh thank you! Looks like Honey has become a gold record singer. The music has enough background that you dare to walk with your head held high, even if all the hoops in the world are done, said Martaranta.

The original CD single sold platinum when it was released. The song includes statements by Martaranta from the 1995 and 1998 Hockey World Cup broadcasts, such as “Helurei, Helurei, hurja per vettu”.

– In the old days, when we went with the A-Type boys to make platinum records, the boys drove around Kaivopuisto in a limousine. A man from Mecala came on an old tractor to pick up platinum records from the house, which Martaranta had carved.

Hello boys. All the money is over. I hope they do too.

A-Type was a Finnish Eurodance band consisting of Jari Karjalainen, Torsti Spoof, Jan Ketunen and Ansi Nyberg. For example, the band is also remembered for the violent scratch Vohitsviharmi.

type a one

Type A came to pick up a “tractor” with a Platinum limousine, Antero Martaranta (center). Photo: Paul Williams

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