Friday, June 2, 2023

Baseball union edits its superspace ad due to harassment suspicions


The suspect was one of six players in the Superpace fan ad.

Pasapololito has removed SuperPace’s advertising for this season because of suspicions of harassment, says Vesa Ramet, executive director of the association.

On Tuesday, the baseball federation received information from Joensuu Mella that a player on the club’s men’s team, Joni Rittkonen, was suspected of harassment and took the matter to the Finnish Sports Ethics Center (SUEC) for investigation.

Raitkonen was one of six players in the Superpace fan ad, but the incident caused the ad to be replaced.

– That ad has been used as part of a season opener ad. The ad was taken down yesterday (Tuesday) and new edits will be made, Remet told STT.

While the investigation is ongoing, this is the only logical way forward here.

Raitkonen, who moved to Zoma for this season, is currently away from team activities.

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