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CORE makes a strong climb towards the Open Series


17.5. 21:43

Wednesday’s round of 65 went on as usual in Vermo after a week off. Last week, the 65 line in Mikkeli was exceptionally resolved due to trotting crowds on the country’s main track.

In the cold-blooded first series, there were several up-and-comers on their way to the open level. The Corps, already ensconced as a big favorite, turned out to be the best.

The stallion who started from the track first managed to take control of the front position in the acceleration by a tight margin, and Easa Holopainen’s drive in the tight stages was nothing short of surprising.

Lumettaza, who made sky as well as the leader, was the only one who could challenge the core in the slightest. Elan, who pushed hard from behind, took third place. It will not be surprising if the entire Toto trio is seen as the long-term winners of the Open Series in the years to come.

– In the beginning, it was a tough race, but we managed to maintain the lead. He’s a skinny guy with that bow and only does what’s necessary. The Oljenkorsi was not used today and at least I got the feeling that it would be possible to continue on that course for quite a long time, praised Holopainen in the course’s winner’s interview.

Kor, who turns 7, has always been known for being talented. Even though the foal’s few starts in the 4- and 5-year-old seasons did not lead to much success, it was able to. for the derby final.

Last year was a real breakthrough year when Ori carried over 50,000 Euros.

After a long break, the momentum seems to be picking up, Vermo’s third win in a row. At the Mikkeli debut a week ago, Kor demonstrated his abilities by hitting the table with a season’s top result of 21.4a/1600m.

At least there is no reason why the corre, which still operated with winnings of less than 100,000 euros, could not rise to the top of the breed. All the ingredients are correct.

The family is almost like the “Emperor of China”, the father is the reputed Viscera and the Corditta dam is already one of the best heiresses of all time, although the younger progeny will still be seen a lot at the tracks.

Kor’s trainer, on the other hand, is Finnish horse wizard Seppo Suuronen, who has single-handedly celebrated trotting kingships five times as a trainer.

The evening’s program also included bronze division qualifiers for both races, where points were awarded for the Lahti 75 final in early July.

On the cold-blooded side, we saw a tight race from start to finish.

Towards the end of the fiery opening, Wonkari looked for leads but could not calm the pace for a moment. Hishun Fenix, who was running a bit too fast, attacked quickly and kept the pace up all the way.

There was a fierce battle between them for the win till the end where Wonkari pulled away the longest.

– These are great matches, when the horses look each other in the eye to see who will be the first to finish today. The horse put in an absolutely brilliant performance today,’ Santu Raitala, who ridden Wonkari, praised Hissun Fenice.

Wonkari, trained by Juha Lindros, recorded an impressive result of 23.7a/2120m. In comparison today Cor’s winning time was 25.2/2120m.

The warm-blooded bronze division also saw a solid winner when BWT Gazeau, who had claimed a forward position from the start, ran away from his opponents in delicate style, with handler Hannu Torvinen taking the gelding to the last. ,

– Before the start, he looks at the scenery and so on, but in the beginning he really focused the whole time. Ruuna won very easily and thus will still win many starts, Torvinen praised the Hannu-Pekka Korve-trained 5-year-old coach.

At the start of part of the Lightning Helmets competition series for young drivers, the So Long Suckers, directed by Tukka Varis, waved goodbye to the others at the end of the straight, leaving their streets completely as their name suggests. Front run.

– It is more resistant to motion, so according to the coach’s instructions, hit it at a steady pace, then it will knock opponents off their feet. Varis, one of Finland’s toughest jockeys, said the horse came to the finish line with a great kick.

It was guaranteed to be an evening to remember for Ruuna’s trainer Etta Pakkanen. Representatives of the younger coaching generation got a chance to celebrate Vermo’s 65th win with a yippie yay. Like its teammate, it was without resistance.

Hannu Torvinen scored a total of three 65-goal victories, each coming out with a large margin. Along with BWT Gazeau and Yippee Ki Yay, Ray Boy was also completely sovereign in his departure. Coached by Tapio Mäki-Tulokka was the only winner of 65 events that did not run in the lead.

Perfect T65 Line

T65-1: 1 core

T65-2: 7 So Long Suckers

T65-3: 7 Ray Boy

T65-4: 4 Yippee’s Yay

T65-5: 4 Wonkari

T65-6: 2 BWT Gazeau

For six correct results: 7.76 Euro

Five Correct: No Profit Share

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