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Ella receives doctor’s invitations sent to her dead cousin – “Now That’s Strange”


I am sorry for what happened to Kenu Kalyan Kshetra.

Eela Makinen was shocked on Monday, May 15, when an invitation to a macular exam dropped in the mail, not for her, but for Makinen’s cousin, who had died in December.

This is the second time that Mackinnon’s cousin has received an invitation to the doctor following his death.

Makinen’s cousin died at the Sotkamo Health Center hospital in early December last year. The first call for fundus imaging at Canu Central Hospital came in late December.

McKinnon says he called the number shown on the invitation in December to inform him of his cousin’s death. According to McKinnon, the nurse promised to record the death in her register.

The same thing happened again on Monday, about five months after Cousin’s death, and Cousin got another call for a fundus scan.

Makinan is astonished by what happened.

Now the strange thing is that even in case of such death the register does not work, which you would think is already working on the basis of Digi and Population Register. Satikka that he called and announced that he had died. I also went to the hospital to get the death certificate made.

The cousin’s mail is handed over to Mackinnon, as Mackinnon has taken over his cousin’s affairs after his death.

McKinnon highlights people who do not have close relatives or friends to whom mail can be sent. He thinks there may be more similar invitations behind people’s doors.

McKinnon says he was already surprised by the new invitation because time has already passed since his cousin’s death. He wonders how the information didn’t pass through the hospital.

– What else can you trust in this world anymore, if you can’t even trust that kind of war?

McKinnon says he will call the doctor again and report the situation.

Atte Vetelenen, a primary care physician at Canu Sote, regrets what happened.

He says the fundus imaging software at Canau Central Hospital changed at the end of the year.

According to Vetelainen, not all information from the old software is correctly transferred to the new system. This has affected the fact that invitations have been sent to deceased patients for fundus scans.

Vetelainen says that during the old program, the call queue system and the patient information system did not “communicate” with each other, and when a patient died, the name had to be manually removed from the call queue system. Was. From the old system, the information of the patients also had to be entered in the new system.

In this case the relative had contacted the fundus scanner about the patient’s death and the information was removed from the system. The invitation, which was due in late December, probably went out before the death was announced and thus got there, Vetelainen says.

It seems that the invitation that came on Monday has gone on a journey due to change of schedule.

– There have been some challenges with the program, and it has now led to the fact that the invitation was able to go a second time to the address of a patient who had already died.

Vetelainen says that if a deceased patient receives a reminder fee along with an exam invitation, it should be canceled and the family should contact the hospital about it.

Vetelainen is not aware of anything similar happening before. According to him, the software change had nothing to do with the change in the welfare sector.

They estimate that the fundus imaging program should now be functioning, and information about the death is transmitted to the call queue system.

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