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Emmy-Lotta, 23, ended up as an au pair in a sophisticated South African neighborhood – then the trip took an unexpected turn


Although Emmy-Lotta hoped to turn their pairing experience into a family, this did not happen. The new season of the series is starting from Wednesday.

Emmi-Lotta, 23, from Kuopio, says she went to Au Pair Adventure to seek new experiences and challenges. Nothing could stop him in Finland.

– Besides, every time I’ve watched this series I’ve thought I want to go there! Emmy-Lotta explains the schedule at the press conference.

She appears as a side pair with three other Finnish young adults in the series Yell’s Favorites. In the tenth season, the direction is South Africa.

According to Emmi-Lotta, what influenced her decision was that she could share the experience with other Finns.

The article contains plot revelations about Emmy-Lotta’s au pair journey.

The family of five, where Emmy-Lotta first ends up, lives in a sophisticated area separated by an electric fence in Plettenberg Bay, located by the sea.

– It was a great house and a great environment. It was really nice to be able to use the car, there was a swimming pool, hot tub etc.

However, the time spent in the family made Emmi-Lotta thoughtful.

Even if there is a nice house and lots of money, is that happiness?

The first family wasn’t just Emmy-Lotta, even though she came out with the mindset that we’re in a family.

– It didn’t happen, it was too heavy.

Emmi-Lotta says she made the decision to leave on her own, but the family was ambivalent about the decision.

Whether it was a joint decision or not, it was a good decision.

Emmy-Lotta had to change her host family in South Africa.

Emmy-Lotta had to change her host family in South Africa. Photo: Teri Yillimanen

According to Emmy-Lotta, the four au pair consisted of very different personalities, which naturally led to drama.

– For example, in the series it becomes clear that Sebastian and Emilia are in fact different. But then what? They are allowed to be and it is good that they are. If everyone was the same, the world would be boring!

The trip also got Emmi-Lotta thinking about what their own territory might be like. She is currently learning beauty care, but she does not feel that it is her own.

Now he is thinking, for example, about the work of a class teacher or a physical education instructor, which his second pair Emilia encourages him to do.

– In any case, the field that I am going to study in the future must certainly be one that I feel is mine. I don’t want to waste any more time.

The new season of the Au Pairs series will be released on Wednesday, May 17th at Yale Arena. At 20:00. There are also the first two episodes of the season on Yale TV 2 on Wednesdays at 9 pm.

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