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Hannell Laurie is rushed to hospital recovering from hip surgery – after horror, she makes a difficult decision


Hanilee Laurie had already gone home after hip surgery when her health unexpectedly took a downturn on Mother’s Day.

Actress Hanel Laurie, 70, had hip surgery last week, Monday, May 8. According to Laurie, the operation went well, but less than a week after the operation, his health changed radically.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, Laurie got really scared when she started feeling short of breath.

– The operation went well, and the doctors were excellent. Then, on Mother’s Day morning, I couldn’t breathe properly, says the actress.

Laurie contacted the doctor who performed the surgery, who advised an ambulance to be called immediately.

According to my doctor, I needed a test because there is a risk of pulmonary embolism after such a major operation.

– I ordered an ambulance, and they said there was nothing to do but go to the hospital.

Laurie was taken to Hyvinka Hospital, where he had blood tests and a lung scan, among other things.

– The nurse examined me and I didn’t eat or drink anything. The children called worriedly while the mother lay in the hospital, Laurie recounted the situation.

– All values ​​were slightly elevated, but they say this is normal after surgery. However, the doctor decided to get me a contrast scan to rule out the risk of pulmonary embolism. Thank god it wasn’t.

According to Lawrie, he should be fine now, but he needs to closely monitor his condition. He still says that he breathes easily.

There may be some kind of complication after the operation, but it is said that the value can increase after a major operation. I have asthma too. According to the doctor, when I don’t move much, I have problems with my lungs. This made breathing difficult. Yes, it eats a woman, she shakes.

Laurie, who lives in Nurmijärvi, seems quite happy considering the circumstances. He is hopeful that the recovery will be good from now on. According to Laurie, it can take several months to recover from surgery.

– I feel much better now. I was prescribed a course of cortisone. In the evening, I also inject anticoagulant medicine into my abdomen. The physiotherapist will be home next week, he says and thanks the nursing staff as well.

Laurie is also satisfied that he has been paying for his health insurance for a long time.

Hannell Laurie's dog, Olga, who is a little over a year old, was being cared for when Laurie was unable to walk after surgery.

Hannell Laurie’s dog, Olga, who is a little over a year old, was being cared for when Laurie was unable to walk after surgery. Photo: Rio Gandara / HS

As a result of the shocking situation, Laurie made a serious health decision. He plans to go further in the future, which was also recommended by the doctor.

– I have decided that I will pick up running water. It’s also good for couples, they say.

– I have to get myself in shape. Nothing else helps. Yes, that situation scared me too.

Laurie, who is awaiting surgery in March, told IS that the pain in her hip had gotten so bad she was almost unable to walk.

– The doctor asked which pain reliever do you take, Burana or Panadol? I said when they don’t help anything I don’t eat, Laurie said at the time.

This pain is such that someone else would have given up long ago, not me. I thought maybe this is the one, but crap. Now I have to go for operation. Laurie had said in March, otherwise I will not walk at all.

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Laurie, who has been in the public eye for more than 40 years, told Me Nice more than a year ago that he lives a peaceful everyday life in Nurmijärvi.

– I am a seeker of peace and bad to leave home anywhere. I am also not looking for any relationship. I have my own life, and I’ve always been bad at sharing everyday life with someone else, he described it at the time.

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