Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Here is the gentlest of lions – “Such a little man in a coat”


In Sanoma’s Legionarevolver, they ask for a captain. This time, two-time Stanley Cup winner Ollie Matt is on the bench.


Who’s Your Favorite in the Lions’ Sexiest Man Vote?

– Hans Björn’s mustache is great. He would be a strong candidate in that vote.

Tell me one thing that the general public doesn’t know about Marco Antilla?

– He is surprisingly famous in North America.

Who is the dumbest on the team?

– Ahti Oksanen. It seems that he is a man with such a short coat.

Who is the team’s troubleshooter, ie the player most likely to pay the penalty?

– “Rane” (Mikko Rantanen) is a strong candidate.

Which teammate would you not let update their Instagram account?

– I do not use IG, so I speak for myself here.

Who has the most special equipment on the team?

– The cover of “Straits” (Marco Antilla) is pretty interesting, but it also makes sense. He has such a large flipper that the sheath is much larger than that of the others. That kind of corn shaped shell.

What’s your record on Cooper’s trial?

– I’ve never run a Cooper, but I’ve run a 3,000m ever since I was 15 in 11:30.

How much do you get from squats?

– Three summers ago I squatted with 200kg, but I haven’t maxed out in two summers. I probably wouldn’t dare to put the same shackles on the bar again.

If you had to choose only one gym for the rest of your career, which one would you choose?

– If you lift weights and raise them above your head. What is it? A kind of combination of parallel pull-ups and push-ups.

One song that always turns you on?

– It is better to ask Ville Poka. He’s always got good songs in the booth that light things up. I don’t know what he does in his spare time, he’s always looking for new songs.

Which is the best vacation spot for a hockey player in summer?

House in Jyväskylä.

What’s the surprising item you took on your World Cup trip?

– Kimble. If Juicy Olkinuora runs out of things, you can dig it across the room.

What’s the best barbecue delicacy of summer?

– I like steak. There is a place in Jyväskylä that brings in really good steaks from nearby farms. Sometimes we make Tomahawks with friends. One of my biggest treats is definitely steak. I feel like this almost every day. I’m not a pizza or burger person.

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