Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Himos Metal Festival Has Been Canceled – The Reason Behind It Is Unfortunately Present


There will be no more horses in Jamsa for the second time.

Himos Metal Festival has been cancelled.

Heavy concerts planned for one day at Jamsa Himos, August 11-12, have been canceled due to low demand, the festival informs.

– The cost of organizing events has increased significantly, while consumer behavior has changed, commented event promoter Timo Isommäki.

According to him, nowadays festival tickets are bought quite late, closer to the event, and in addition, the rising cost of living has led consumers to choose a more discreet option from a wide selection.

Tickets are still bought too late and due to the rising cost of living, consumers make thoughtful choices from a wide variety of offers.

– At this point, you have to be realistic and make the difficult and painful decision to cancel, he says.

The promoter regrets what happened and urges ticket buyers to apply for refunds at ticket purchase locations.

German giants Helloween, Ville Valo’s new band VV and Blind Channel, who represented Finland at Eurovision in 2021, were confirmed as performers for this year’s festival.

The festival was organized for the first time last year. At that time more than 10 thousand heavy music lovers had reached.

At that time, the Dutch band Within Temptation and the Swedish bands Amaranthe and Pain performed at the festival. Finnish names in Jamsa include Amorphis, Battle Beast and Sonata Arctica.

The festival is organized by an event agency called XL Music Oy. Among other things, it is responsible for Popeda’s farewell ceremony to be held at Ratina in Tampere at the beginning of next September.

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