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In the podcast, Maria Nordin comments on Reino’s spouse jumping to one side – a surprising revelation from Tomas Enbuske


In the Enbuske Marriage podcast, Maria Nordin discusses, among other things, her husband Rino Nordin’s cheating and the couple’s use of funds.

Entrepreneur Maria Nordin, 39, opens up about her relationship on the latest episode of Enbuske’s Relationship Podcast hosted by Tuomas Enbuske, 45. Nordin is married to singer Rino Nordin, 39, and they have four children. Nordin attends the interview from Mallorca, where the family currently resides part of the year.

Reno and Maria Nordin, who have been married for more than 15 years, have often spoken publicly about their relationship. Reino took part in the Ihola series in 2012. It was revealed at that time that he had cheated on his wife.

Tuomas Enbuske directly asked Maria Nordin how she got over the betrayal.

– When your husband cheated on you and it was prominently shown on TV, for example in the show IHOLA, how did you deal with it? I can’t forgive him. how could you?

– We just had such a strong opening high. Kind of… yeah, I seriously thought about it and even said we’d get divorced now, Nordine admitted on the podcast.

Nordin says their love has gone strong since their first meeting. Dealing with it helped.

Those experiences were so powerful. They were a sign that even if it happened, it was of some importance. He has both healed and brought light to our wounds and things that needed healing, explains Nordin Enbuske.

Tuomas Enbuske praised Maria Nordin in his podcast.

Tuomas Enbuske praised Maria Nordin in his podcast. Photo: Antti Hämälainen

In interviews, Enbuske praised Nordin profusely. He also reveals that he had a crush on Nordin.

– You are very attractive woman. You could get whoever you wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved you the last time I interviewed you. You make the same impact as Vescu Lawrie does. I felt like I was the only person in the room, Enbuske describes.

– You have been betrayed. Don’t you feel like you could have any? He continues.

– Yeah… yeah, I toyed with the idea sometimes, but no. I haven’t really thought about it, Nordin says, shocked by the praise.

However, Nordine does not admit to feeling jealous of her husband.

– Black is good if you admire others, he says.

With few exceptions, Nordin hasn’t found so-called dick pics or penis photos on social media.

– Once we had a crisis with Reno and someone inside me was wounded. Nordin says, then there was a (penis picture).

– It hasn’t come since. Once it may come, but I thought it would be like that, and I didn’t even open it, he says.

Today, the couple is doing well. Nordine tells Enbuske that she and her husband differ greatly when it comes to spending money, for example.

I’m the kind of person who wants to spend and save all the time. I would be prepared to lower the standard of living so that we can buy a luxurious villa in Mallorca in the future.

Rino, on the other hand, is of the opinion that we should live comfortably now so that we can start realizing our dreams for the future, says Nordin in the podcast.

Maria and Reino Nordin in 2012.

Maria and Reino Nordin in 2012. Photo: Tomas Selen

Reno Nordin told IS about the new phase of their family’s life in Mallorca at the Ixcalma gala in February. The family must bask in the heat of Spain during the darkest months. Full time, they are not going to the country.

The children of the family are in a Spanish school. Nordin thought it was great that now a whole new world was open to children as well. However, according to the father, the children miss their Finnish friends even though they are thoroughly enjoying the warm weather.

Above all, according to Reno, moving to Spain had brought the family closer.

– We are there as a team, which has probably brought us even closer. He said in February that it’s really cool to see how Skid and Mariah and I play together better than ever.

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