Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Jesus appeared in Juhani Taminen’s shirt! A shelved outfit spotted in C More’s studio


Juhani Tamminen is back on the TV screen with her style.

Coaching legend Juhani Taminen returns to TV screens after a gap of years in the Sea More’s World Cup broadcast. In addition to his coaching career, the 72-year-old Taminen is best remembered as a truly colorful hockey specialist.

“Dawn Tammy” often wore very colorful outfits on television. He flared up once again on Wednesday. Underneath the fringed, brown coat was a shirt with Jesus embroidered on it.

At the 2015 World Cup, MTV censored the Jesus outfit designed by stylist Jemina Hanhijärvi for Tamić. Taminen was not allowed to enter the box in his Christ shirt.

– The channel considered Jesus offensive. I don’t think so, because it was a work of art. The Last Supper was in a collar shirt, Hanhijärvi commented to Iltalehti in 2017.

Apparently now was the time for uproar. The Last Supper was just peeking out from under the coat.

– Juhani Taminen What else…besides a Jesus shirt? It’s tough, composer Artu Viscari wrote on Twitter.

Täminen was in his element at Kisa-ateo, hosted by Tony Imonen. When Immonen asked Tamis if he was allowed to walk on the street in peace at home games in 1982, the answer sounded familiar to the “Sun King”.

– Hi Tony, At that time already people were asking for nimmer in the thick darkness of the clouds. You are so young that I have to ask my girlfriend what the situation was, Tamminen said.

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