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Johnny Depp smiled on the red carpet – the star’s appearance in front of the cameras drove Cannes into a frenzy


Johnny Depp, who walked the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, received a warm welcome from the festival audience. However, the star’s appearance has also been criticized.

Actor Johnny Depp has also attended the ongoing Cannes Film Festival.

The festival audience greeted Depp, who has been tried in legal proceedings in recent years – if not like the Karija people in Helsinki-Vantaa, apparently, says the Mirror.

The magazine says that the public chanted Depp’s name. Several guests also reached out to hug the star as she walked the red carpet.

Depp, 59, represented the venue in his familiar style: ponytail, dark suit, mustache and beard, earrings and light mascara.

He was in Cannes to celebrate his comeback on the big screen. After a break of three years, she will be seen in a French costume drama titled Jean Du Barry. In the film, he plays King Louis XV of France, who falls in love with a courtesan, to the shock of the court.

The film is directed by and starring Maiwen Le Besco.

This is Depp’s first film role after a long legal drama against actress Amber Heard.

Depp appeared on the red carpet with Jean du Barry director Maiwen Le Besco and Pierre Richard, who stars in the film.

Depp appeared on the red carpet with Jean du Barry director Maiwen Le Besco and Pierre Richard, who stars in the film. Photo: Sebastian Gabush/Zuma

The Mirror says Depp’s fans were also happy with his visit on social media.

– The audience shouting Johnny Depp’s name is music to my ears, a tweeter Head

– You deserve nothing but the best, Second encourage.

– Shine, Johnny! You deserve all recognition and praise, third Appreciation.

The Depp starrer has also created an atmosphere of excitement at the festival.

The Mirror reports that the film received a standing ovation that lasted for seven minutes.

Tara was shaken by this. According to the Mirror, Depp was in tears as he applauded.

Media and fans flocked to Depp.

Media and fans flocked to Depp. Photo: Patricia Moreira / AFP

However, not everyone is excited about Depp’s return.

Variety reports that Depp’s return to Cannes has also been considered controversial because of his legal woes.

Amber Heard’s defenders are particularly concerned about Depp’s visit to Cannes, and have addressed the issue on Twitter with the hashtag #cannesyounot.

In particular, journalist Eve Barlow, a close friend of Heard, has criticized Kahn for “supporting rapists and molesters”, including Depp.

Thierry Fremaux, director of the Cannes festival, has responded to the allegations by Heard’s defenders, saying that he is “the last person to discuss all this”.

– I am not at all interested in this public trial, he said at the festival’s press conference.

– It is about freedom of speech and expression. Depp is not prohibited by law from making films. I’m interested in Johnny Depp as an actor, not as a person.

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