Thursday, October 5, 2023

Juha Mieto was very happy in the Nokia field – download now A tight line from Marco Antilla to the counter


In Juha Mido’s opinion, Marco Antilla does not deserve criticism.


At the Nokia Arena, skiing legend Juha Mieto, who has been following Legionnaire’s moves, cheered as Legionnaire captain Marco Antilla silenced his critics again on Wednesday.

Antilla’s place in the Lions lineup has been called into question several times again this spring, but just like that, Morco again emerged in a sore spot and shoved the puck into France’s bag. With Antilla’s goal, Legion took the lead in the second period.

– I like Marco, says Mieto emphatically.

Antilla has been the best player of Finland in this match. Absolutely, he says.

In Mido’s opinion, Antilla has really cemented his place in the Lions lineup. According to him there are no two words in it.

– He’s never played bad enough not to be in that group.

The Kurikan caste firmly believes that veteran Antila is not fazed by the criticism this time too.

– Marco is such a smart boy that he understands criticism and jokes. He liked his doubters again!

The Lions are yet to make it to the tournament. However, Meeto is not worried yet. The skiing legend has a patriarchal tip for Legion.

– It’s not worth it. The actual game begins only after the opening set has been played. Mito says honestly, this is my opinion.

– Lions show their claws when the real game starts.

Mieto recognizes France.

– Played well and gave strong resistance to Legion.

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