Saturday, September 23, 2023

Mikko Rantanen was amazed by the judge’s decision – “I think it was such a hard kick in the ass”


The Lions’ star striker is banking on the current series structure as there will be chances to score.


In the match against France too, the Lions’ first chain was not strong enough. In the final set, Teemu Hartikainen, Sakari Manninen and Mikko Rantainen still had the chance to celebrate goals twice: once with superiority and finally with an empty goal. The game ended 5–3 for Legion.

Kettju’s winger and Legion’s biggest star Rantanen admitted that more power was needed.

– There can be goals, there are places. He also had some pieces of land. You can’t say there isn’t position and offensive zone time. Relax, relax, Rantanen said after the game.

In Rantanen’s opinion, the series should be made enough to be able to continue with the composition.

– If there was such a thing as a USA game where there were no places or one or two in the game, maybe. But the coaching takes decisions and we go by that,” Rantanen replied to a question about the need to change the series.

The Colorado NHL forward also credited France. He said that the team defended closely and played well from the positions they got.

In the third set, Rantanen caught whiplash, which he was surprised about.

– the opponent was shouting and he was hot. I tried to get attention and asked if there was a problem. But I guess it was such a hard banging in the ass that you can only get over it. I was a little surprised. A little soft for that spot, Ratanen said.

– I don’t know if you can even call it a joke. But next time we’ll take off the gloves and pat him on the shoulder, and maybe it won’t be as cold.

Rantanen admitted that it is not easy to preform the game when playing against weaker nations.

There is no pressure on him when everyone expects him to lose. They defend very well and press hard. They put five men in a small box and defended it well, Rantanen said.

In the TV broadcast of the match, C Morella was surprised by the hand towels placed under his skates during the game. Rantanen said after the game that it was about the old ways.

There is all kinds of rubbish on the bench. Maybe it’s the stuff of the spirit world. I have done this for many years. I clean the blades before I go out on the ice.

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