Sunday, December 10, 2023

Now this is bitter! A grim scene in the stands at the Nokia Arena during a Lions match


Finland will face France on Wednesday evening. Many seats are empty in the auditorium.


The stands at the Nokia Arena have been packed to capacity during the Lions’ home matches at the World Cup, but Wednesday’s France match appears to be an exception.

In the top seats of the Nokia Arena, roughly in the middle of the lower stand, a section of the stand is nearly empty. Nothing like this has been seen in previous Legion matches this spring.

The salacious prices of World Cup tickets have been talked about again this spring.

Tickets for the France match were also on sale on Tuesday. According to Sanoma, the cheapest available ticket cost more than 100 euros on Tuesday.

The start of the Lions’ match against France was grim, as the visitors took a 1–0 lead after just one minute. However, Harri Pessonen of Legion equalized in 04:37.

Match is going on.

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