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Now women who are in love with a man older than themselves are saying- ‘Didn’t bother in the first age, but…’


– The age difference in a relationship can also boost happiness, says solution-oriented psychotherapist Helly Varanen of Vastolito.

There is a gap of more than 20 years in age, but it is not visible in the relationship.

– Come on and walk actively. We love good food and wine. We like going to theatre, cinema, playing pool etc. Both have got new experiences in terms of their relationship. However, a 40-year-old woman in Ilta-Sanomi’s survey says that both have their own hobbies and circles of friends with whom to spend the evening.

Some stages of life have already been lived through, therefore neither dreams of children nor of creating a single family.

The biggest difference can be seen when one has a school age child and the other has grown up children. The rhythm of everyday life is different every other week.

According to the woman, the downside of the age difference is how other people can react to it. It’s exciting to announce the case for newcomers.

The age difference is still telling. This topic was discussed earlier in the spring, for example, when Paivi Lipponen spoke about his position in the program Yokila Maria Vetola.


I am dating a man who is ten years elder to me but young, positive and energetic.

Many readers who responded to IS’s survey confirm that after all, age is just a number that doesn’t say much about a person.

A 49-year-old woman says that age difference in a relationship is not the thing that you should pay full attention to, but lifestyle and way of thinking.

Woman says she recently broke up with a long relationship because she felt she was living with “old dad”.

– My husband, who was seven years older than me, dealt with negative thought patterns at the end of his life. On the other hand, as a woman, I only felt that I got more energy in life and a positive zest for life. Now I am dating a man who is ten years elder to me but is young, positive and energetic in his life.

more happiness

—Surprisingly, the age difference in a relationship can also boost happiness, says solution-oriented psychotherapist Helly Varanen, lead expert at Vastolito, specialty level.

A partner’s life experience can help avoid obstacles in the relationship.

Life can be easier when the other person has already experienced one or the other.

How a big age difference can affect a relationship depends largely on the stage of life one is in.

– When we meet, we’re usually in some active phase. Then the difference of age is not felt at all.

At a later stage, differences begin to appear when the partners age at different rates.

Life changes a lot when one retires and the other works. This can be surprising if you are active yourself and the other person has stopped going and gone into retirement.

On the other hand, everyone ages in their own way, and some suffer more diseases than others, eg.

the person and the work are more important

According to Varanen, age difference does not matter to build a good relationship. Other things affect the durability of love.

A person, his personality, character and actions are more important than age.

According to Varanen, it is everyone’s responsibility not to burden the relationship with concerns of their own advancing age.

– It’s not the partner’s fault, and the partner can’t do anything about it.

Potential family care may also be beneficial.

– It’s time to be together. Someone to care for can be gentle and loving. Age difference does not affect the character of the other.

Partner's retirement can force you to think.

Partner’s retirement can force you to think. Photo: Colorbox

“Best Time Of My Life”

The 23-year-old woman claims that she is having the best time of her life with her 56-year-old husband.

The lady says that our interests and our way of thinking are very similar.

Earlier, she was dating a man 14 years her senior.

– I was 19 years old and the man was 35 years old. He wanted kids, I didn’t. The relationship didn’t work out when both had completely different directions and desires. He wanted to play golf and watch football, I wanted to go to concerts and meet people.


An older man is sexy with his confidence.

And the 49-year-old woman says that she has just separated from a relationship of thirty years. Age difference had an effect.

– You didn’t notice the age difference when we started living together, but when the man is 65 and I am 49, it seems that we are from different planets.

– That man will not be able to leave and do anything. I myself do gym, jog and other things. Unfortunately, it also affects your sex life.

The separation was not a spur-of-the-moment decision, but had matured over the years.

– I could not bear the thought that he would always be at home and I myself would have to go to work for 15 years or more.

The 47-year-old woman also worries about the future, who has a partner 15 years older.

– Previously, age did not really bother me, but now that we have been together for almost ten years and my husband dreams of retirement soon, I am wondering how our relationship is going. Does it bother me that much that the other person is “on vacation” all the time and travels and does hobbies that aren’t about the money. And I myself will work 8-16 shifts for the next 20 years.

“Does it work”

The 33-year-old woman thinks there is no point in worrying about the future.

He has been married for the third year, the man is 19 years old. It’s going fine.

An older man is sexy with his confidence. He is himself and does not live for anyone else. My husband appreciates me, and he says it out loud. The appreciation is mutual. We are on the same wavelength and have similar values.

People close to the woman have mostly accepted the relationship well. There has been “suspicion” on the part of the man.

– Does it work. There is no point in worrying about the future, it will leave many of the happiest years of life behind.

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