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Pelso’s prison killer committed new brutal acts – the victims were his wife and children


The charge of assault on a person brought by the victim’s wife was dismissed.

The district court of Pirkanmaa has sentenced Tony Kristian Hikkila, known for the Pelso prison murder, to three years and three months in prison for aggravated assault on his wife and other crimes.

The prosecutor demanded from the outset that Hikkila be punished for attempting to kill his wife. The crime took place on January 28 at the couple’s separate house in Peerakkala. Aggravated assault was the prosecutor’s secondary charge.

The instrument used in the crime was a knife that Hikkila had used to attack his wife. The wife saved herself from the situation by putting her hand in the way of the knife. There was a deep wound on his hand.

According to the district court, the fact that the wife in the situation had not also suffered potentially life-threatening injuries spoke in favor of the secondary, minor charge.

In this case, it was not clarified in more detail whether Hikkila made the knife attack towards the unprotected neck or when the wife’s hand was already on the neck.

In the latter situation, according to the court’s assessment, Hikkila should not have considered death as a certain or quite probable result of being stabbed.

In addition to aggravated assault, Hikkila, born in 1980, was convicted of two other assaults against his wife and one assault against their child, a firearm offense and a drug offense.

Hikkila’s assault charge, brought by the victim’s wife, was dismissed.

According to the indictment, the wife must have hit him on the chin with a knife after trying to bite him in the neck. However, according to the district court, the location and superficiality of the scratches on the man spoke against the fact that the scratches had not at least resulted from the use of a knife.

The decision given by the district court on Wednesday is not yet legally binding.

Hikkila’s sentence of more than three years includes the rest of the sentence which has now been ordered to be executed.

Hikkila killed a prison guard at Pelso prison in February 2004 in connection with an escape attempt with another inmate in Vala. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In August last year, Hikkila was released on parole by a decision of the Helsinki Court of Appeal. The probationary period was three years.

Only five months after his release Hikkila was convicted of a new assassination attempt.

The Court of Appeal justified the release with, among other things, a risk assessment and prison statement. According to the judgement, there were no facts from which it could be concluded that the prisoner has committed an offense involving gross violation of life, health or liberty after his release.

– He has also developed relationships outside prison which lead him to lead a crime-free life, the Court of Appeal said in its judgement.

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